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Art Quilt Campus, Week 1, Day 2: Happy Dyers… choose their time to dye!

Day two at Art Quilt Campus is always filled with colour… the dyers finish their first batch of “distributing dyes on  cotton and linen”… the sewing studio is humming with creativity to the background noise of several machines, and after dinner a little quiet time in the lounge was perfect to check out a new book or the latest social media posts.

The evening program introduced the group to contemplative photography, also known as Nalanda Miksang, and eventually everyone ended up in the lounge for a night cap and a little live comedy with Trudi G. Tomorrow is another day! Good night!

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2 thoughts on “Art Quilt Campus, Week 1, Day 2: Happy Dyers… choose their time to dye!

  1. This year’s group once again makes me so proud! They are such an energetic group with never-ending ideas!


  2. Shelley Hoium on said:

    This looks like so much fun. The thought of dyeing linen sets my heart “a flutter”😊😊

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