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Looking and Seeing the Phenomenal World

Art Quilt Campus Week 1 concluded officially this morning. After good byes and a session of cleaning the classroom to set it up for week 2, preparing the social lounge and the dye studio it was time for some R&R. What could be better than roaming the Abbey grounds? Camera in hand I headed toward the woods and beyond where I discovered a golden wheatfield…. and I was followed by a swarm of hungry mosquitos. I didn’t last long in the shady areas, soon I found myself in the gardens and the sunflowers captured my attention. I feel refreshed and energized. Practicing the Good Eye (Miksang in Tibetan) is just as good, if not better than going for a nap.

Thanks for checking in. I realized today that after a week spent mainly indoors the colours are definitely changing… and I won’t mention what that means!

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4 thoughts on “Looking and Seeing the Phenomenal World

  1. Joyce McK on said:

    Great images. The sunflowers are simply magical as I discovered a few of years ago !
    You have certainly captured the light !


  2. Helene on said:

    Your botanicals are exquisite! Lusciously enticing! Miksang rocks!

    Thanks for the superb week. Thanks for the gorgeous images.


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