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More Colour to Dye for… Art Quilt Campus Week 2, Day 1

Week 2 started with a strong interest in dyeing. Patricia forged ahead with a clear goal and soon her dye jars were curing in the hot sunshine!. Dorothy committed to creating a 24 step colour wheel in pale shades and Barbara and Kathy were fully immersed in exploring colour parfait combinations.

The sewing studio was a quiet hub of designing, sampling new techniques and soft conversations between friends catching up on life over the last 12 months. The week 2 group has settled in nicely and once we spent time with show and share after dinner the interaction revved up. At 9:15 pm several small groups were still left in the classroom when I reminded everyone that the last one to leave will turn off the lights.

Visiting continued in the lounge over some tasty snacks and a favourite beverage. Bedtime came a little later tonight… we are slowly creeping up to 11 pm.

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