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AQC Week 2, Day 2: Settling in nicely!

Art Quilt Campers are settling, finding a routine that works for them and learning to pace themselves. I am in awe of how much the dyers have accomplished. There are smiles all around with everyone rinsing fabric, ironing and exclaiming: “These colours are so vibrant! They are just what I wanted!” Dorothy started her indigo dye vat this afternoon and she is planning to dip her fabrics tomorrow.

In the sewing studio, Jean is busy needle felting and assembling various new nature spirits. And the rest of the group has their machines humming steadily, adding stitching for resist into the dyer’s cloth and working on compositions for new and exciting creations.

I slipped a couple of Miksang images in moving between dyeing and sewing studios throughout the day. The evening programme on Nalanda Miksang was well received and generated interest with a number of AQC participants.

There was a quiet hush that fell over the dorm tonight by 10:15 pm… looking forward to another productive day tomorrow.


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