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Check in from Winter Wonderland


I don’t think we have had this much snow all last winter. It started out with three days of while stuff falling, and then the temperature followed suit and reached into the -20 C figures. On Sunday morning I did a double take… the lake had frozen over! I nearly returned to my cozy bed! This is the earliest we have witnessed the arrival of winter since we moved here. I am not going to lie and say “I love it!” I am actually trying hard not to slip into despair and the only way I can do this is by not looking at the calendar and figure out how long it will be before we see the water flowing freely again!

But, life goes on. For the past eight days I have continued my research into family history and the thought of putting together a story has crossed my mind once or twice. We will see where it leads. For now I am enjoying the process of gathering information surrounding the era my maternal grandparents met and started a family. Inspiration is everywhere! And I am in touch with my sister on a regular basis to confirm facts.

I located my knitting needles (in the pile of boxes in the studio) and some yarns. My evenings are spent knitting anything from doll clothes to hats and even a little teddy bear. The Christmas parcel for Germany was sent yesterday. I can’t wait to hear all about how Anni likes her new doll.

With the arrival of winter I embarked on a search for Lebkuchen, the ultimate Christmas treat for those of us who grew up with it. I checked prices online and visited the deli we used to support when we lived in Calgary. Their prices have shot through the roof and I was ready to order directly from Germany when I happened to come across Gingerbread World, an online distributor based in Winnipeg. I had found the site in the past but at that time they were all sold out by the beginning of November. This year I had options! the arrival of early winter suddenly wasn’t so depressing anymore. My baking is done!

The new powder room addition is slowly advancing. Colin is breaking through the wall near the entrance today. The barn door hardware we ordered is on its way. The plumbing has been a major headache to figure out as the space is small and needs to connect to the main drain on the other side of the house.

Meanwhile the first invitations for Christmas parties are drifting in. Colin’s weaving group is getting everyone together and since I rejoined the group after a three year hiatus I volunteered for the committee that plans the activities for the party. The ideas are beginning to crystallize…

Hope you are all tucked into your studios, staying warm and creating. If it warm and sunny where you are make sure to get out today and soak up the sunshine! As for me, it’s time to activate the Google again and continue my historical research.

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6 thoughts on “Check in from Winter Wonderland

  1. Nan Williams on said:

    I found lebkuchen in London Drugs here in Calgary – couldn’t believe my eyes. They also had printchen which are my absolute favourite. It was even the same brands we used to get at Edeka in Oberursel!


    • Yes, I have found Lebkuchen at London drugs in the past, but different provinces stock differently… Schmidt Lebkuchen are THE best quality… so I am glad I found them at a better price than I could get in Calgary. I know, I am spoiled. 😉


  2. quiltrod on said:

    Your family research sounds very interesting Anna. I am over the cold/flu and yes I am enjoying my return to sewing. I think this cold weather really helps in that regard!


  3. Katina. Hapman on said:

    Family have shared pictures of the snow, even B.C. Our temps have dropped to daytime highs of nine degrees. Winter coats still hang in the closet. This weather makes up for the spring we never see. Hope someday you can enjoy our wonderful weather. When Winter does arrive I have many plans for quilts, needle felting and knitting


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