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How does the old saying go?


A woman can never have too many blouses, purses and shoes! I would like to add to this… and scarves, shawls and cowls!

I just finished a lacy cowl to brighten up the rest of winter. When I took three lace shawls to a recent weavers’ and spinner’s meeting someone asked: “What do you do with all those shawls and scarves?” She was shaking her head in disbelief… My answer was short: “I wear them,” and “They make great gifts!”

In December I opened a duffle bag (I packed in June) and discovered lovely yarns that I had accumulated over the years. Two large skeins of merino and seaweed fibre jumped out ame and I decided to give my knitting needles a workout indoors while it was too cold to venture out.


Merino and seaweed fibre, custom dyed in Nova Scotia. It didn’t feel so great when I was knitting with it, but once I soaked and blocked it the long scarf revealed its most wonderful properties. It is soft and has a great hand.


Another merino and seaweed fibre creation, this time a triangular shawl. The pattern was a free download but I think it was designed for a Barbie Doll… I had to modify it and add a good number of stitches on before it was just right.


Well over 5 years ago I knitted a triangular lace shawl for a gift and all I had left was a small ball (40 grams) of this single ply merino and baby mohair blend yarn. It was just enough to make a lovely narrow scarf that is not too bulky but delivers great warmth on those super chilly days.


Last, but definitely not least: I just completed a wonderfully bright lace cowl. The yarn was a birthday gift last month and the suggestion that it would make some cozy socks was quickly pushed aside. The yarn is a merino and nylon blend. It is soft and lightweight and the 4 oz. skein was just enough to make an 8″ wide cowl that wraps twice. I love it!

The last piece was re-knitted three times. The first time it was too narrow for my liking… the second time it was too wide and ultimately too short. The third time it turned out perfectly. There was no time pressure to get this done. I look at it as a great leisure activity witout the pressure of a deadline.

This is how I have been spending my time for the last little while. I am also experimenting in the kitchen. I have a new toy… There may be some sharing in the future but I did promise in the past that this blog will not turn into a recipe go-to-place. For now, I am practicing mindfulness in the kitchen by embracing each step of a new recipe or converting those that have been tested over time and were approved by the primary taste tester in this house.

Hope your January does not have you too much under the weather. We are heading to Saskatoon tomorrow. My two presentations for the Saskatoon Quilters’ Guild Day are ready to be shared. The excitement is building…

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13 thoughts on “How does the old saying go?

  1. Katina Chapman on said:

    What beautiful colours. Knitting is such an artful pleasure. A far cry from the very plain sweaters of days gone by. Each week I find myself surrounded by talented friends knitting stunning creations. My knitting talents are somewhat limited. I can see your flare for adventure in each piece you have made. You would love the wool shops here.


  2. paige04 on said:

    Your knitting is certainly much more than just knit and purl in rows! (like lots of us, I bet). You should call your coral cowl your Little Red Riding Hood scarf. “Third time just right!” Enjoy your posts and the comments. It is just like a conversation in the lounge at Meunster. Have a great weekend,


    • It’s funny – I thought the same “Just right…” – but was it not Goldilocks who said those words? Perhaps I have to review my fairy tales… might be tough since I gave all my books away last year… πŸ˜‰


      • paige04 on said:

        HaHa, you are right… I guess it is me that needs a review. Maybe this year I will have a new grandbaby to study up for. I can hear some wool calling to me from my old radio cabinet, where it has been hiding!


      • Go find which ball of yarn is calling you… happy knitting!


  3. quiltrod on said:

    Those scarves are beautiful! Safe travels to Saskatoon.


  4. carolewles on said:

    I’ve been doing lots of knitting these days as well – several new scarves and shawl patterns. I need to do some more lace knitting. Haven’t done any for a few years. Will miss you tomorrow. We have a Lions Function that we have to attend. Stay Warm and notice that the days are actually getting longer.


  5. 46eileen on said:

    Your knitting endeavours give me a warm cozy feeling. Thanks. Looking forward to seeing you on the weekend.


  6. Elinor Burwash Designs on said:

    Beautiful work Anna. It looks like your lace work is a mastery that comes easily. I must gain the courage to go back to the black lace merino and silk that I have spent more time ripping than knitting.
    I would very much like to know how long the red cowl is. I have yarn waiting to do one and I too want to be able to wrap it twice.


    • Elinor, the cowl is 56″ long in total before joining. I find working with black an exercise in futility… unless I work on it during daylight hours. I have given up knitting and sewing with darker colours these days. Do you recognize the yarn you gave me for my birthday? πŸ˜‰


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