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Life Sign…

Painterly Orchid

February is well under-way and I cannot believe that time passes this quickly. My last post was on January 28th and I have since received a few personal emails inquiring about the deafening silence on the blog.

All I can say is: Life and the outside temperature go hand in hand. I am cocooning (or, using the more current term, follow the hygge lifestyle…). We have managed to keep the flu at bay and, knocking on wood, we are relieved that the common winter cold has not taken up residence in our house.

We listed our house about a week ago, but with the perpetual cold weather, there has been little interest thus far. Please help us spread the word!

I am back in the studio pursuing some creative writing, and in the kitchen, I am experimenting daily converting my tried and true recipes I can prepare with the electric pressure cooker in less time and with as much and even more flavour (and less salt). Yesterday, I finally replicated my mother’s split pea soup thanks to a conversation with my sister via WhatsApp. In our casual conversation (if you can call it that with individual messages travelling at lighting-speed through the ether) I realized I had missed one vital ingredient, the humble potato. The recipe and its successful outcome have been in the making for over 40 years… ๐Ÿ˜‰

I have not ventured out much for daily walks yet. Each day I feel my knee has improved I seem to get two or three days of discomfort and little sleep because the pain keeps me awake during the night. So, I will give it some more rest and hope for the best… tomorrow is another day, right? Thanks to those friends who have emailed to inquire how I am coming along. It’s always nice to get email!

The only bit of excitement we have experienced here was a lengthy power outage on Monday. We arrived home to a chilly house (after the monthly weaver’s group meeting) and no electricity. We wrapped ourselves in quilts while waiting for the power to get reconnected but, after two hours we were very cold and our iPads needed recharging. We were told that the heat would be back on by 7 pm… Dinner in town with limited choices on a Monday (unless one is into fast food) was uneventful. Around 6:45 pm the text arrived that power was not expected to be connected till about midnight. Off to Starbucks (which does not really encourage lingering with its super hard chairs and high ceilings), and a chance to recharge electronic devices. By 8:30 pm we decided to make our way home via the grocery store to pick up a few vegetables that were sold out on the previous Friday. Once at home camping skills kicked in. We lit candles, washed our faces and brushed our teeth with cold water from the drinking water dispenser because when the power goes out the water pump does not work. We were very happy that the power supply was reinstated shortly after 11 pm when the furnace started much to our surprise. We used to have many power outages when we first moved here… lately not so many as the power lines were upgraded recently.

My only question is: Why does this usually happen during a deep freeze? It was -26 C. On another note, we are grateful to the hardworking SaskPower employees who have to brave the weather outside to get the power back on for those of us who are waiting anxiously inside!

What was I upset about mostly? I was unable to continue with my electric pressure cooker endeavours… (insert big grin here). Wishing you all a great rest of the week, wherever you are! It’s sunny here and only -15 C. Spring is coming!

While driving to town was mostly to stay warm I decided to make a delivery… Friends were over for a visit last week and when Shannan saw our dog with her hand-knit sweater she expressed interest in getting one for her little dog Max. Here is Max sporting his warm designer sweater for the latest cold spell! (Yes, I knit that! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Imagine I never met him before… had to use my imagination and hope it would fit.)



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5 thoughts on “Life Sign…

  1. Chris Elliott on said:

    Hi Anna

    Our grandchildren have just returned from 3 weeks in Fernie to Australia and are readjusting to the 30c plus temps where they live on the east coast.
    I live inland and it reached 46.1c here today, 47 expected tomorrow. if only there was a happy medium. Our air conditioners run all day, however we have solar power so it does not cost very much.
    Best wishes


    • Hi Chris, Yes, the extremes in weather around the world are staggering! We experience very high humidity and heat here in the summer. We only have window AC and don’t use it when we can (We have not used it for the last three years. My husband can no longer install them due to health problems.). Instead, we try the cross air method…. close the curtains in the east facing windows in the morning to keep the heat out and open the windows facing west. We are surrounded by trees and most days we are ok. Good thing you have solar power where you live. I must be a significant saving compared to using the regular power grid. Stay cool! Enjoy the sun! We are just coming out of another deep freeze here….


  2. lynne sward on said:

    hi,,,i love your little dog. my hubby and i are looking to adopt a shui-tzu at an animal shelter. we had one and adored her for 13 amazing years until she passed away. i also love your charming sweater for your dog…any chance of posting a split pea soup recipe you mentioned. it’s my favorite soup,,,,cheers and stay warm,,,,lynne sward


  3. Elinor Burwash Designs on said:

    How cheering to read this and to see Max. I felt warmer just looking at him.

    Liked by 1 person

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