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A Wonderful Surprise!

I have shared this before: I love it when former students share the fruits of their labour and send images of finished work. One such email arrived in my inbox last week and it was a delight to see the finished piece Janice B. presented.

Janice participated in a workshop in Grand Forks at the end of May in 2015. She brought a lovely landscape image of Ireland and because Janice was new to art quilting she opened her mind and stretched her imagination.

Janice Baker

Here is what Janice has to say about her piece: “This image of Ireland represents all that most impressed me about this beautiful and resilient island.  The mighty cliffs, the verdant fields fertilized with seaweed harvested from the beach, the outcrops of craggy rocks, the hedgerows separating fields and the quaint thatched crofts, still lived in today.  This was re-imagined from a photograph found in a coffee table book, “The Secrets of Ireland”.  This was my first attempt at an art piece and I was up against my own self-perception that I had nary an artistic bone in my body.  However, under the gentle tutelage and encouragement of Anna, this piece gradually took shape.  My builder-husband is quick to point out that no building could stand up with that wonky roofline, but this is my quaint cottage, bent by time, rain and wind!   Thank you, Anna, for setting me on this path to explore fabric art and my own imagination.”

Thank you, Janice, for sharing your work and your inspiration behind this piece.

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8 thoughts on “A Wonderful Surprise!

  1. 46eileen on said:

    I am sending this wonderful piece to a relative who was born in Ireland & has family there. I know that it will warm her heart. It definitely captures her essence. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. herminajoldersma on said:

    Love it!!!


  3. I can see why you wanted to share this again Anna….what a beautiful letter! She found her muse for sure!! 👏🏻


    • I was so pleased Janice finished her piece! She made great progress over the four days we spent in class that it was important to me and her to persevere! It’s a lovely piece and I am so proud of her accomplishment!


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