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Happy Spring!


When the ground outside is still covered with snow you just have to bring some colour into the house… We picked a little plant on impulse yesterday. By the evening the flowers had begun to unfold and this morning I discovered this triple bloom from one stem. If this doesn’t scream spring I don’t know what else would!

I just read the spring weather predictions for Canada and it doesn’t look so “hot”… This calls for some extreme measures and I think I found a way to ignore the weather for now.

Here is what happened a couple of days ago. I was on a phone call with a friend and we discussed deadlines and setting priorities. I was reminded of a couple deadlines related to Art Quilt Campus challenges that are due within the next couple of weeks. My friend belongs to one of the groups and has her challenge all planned, but there are additional goals she wants to meet.

I shared that in cases like that I have learned to prioritize. I also exclaimed that I had no inspirations for the challenges and that I have resigned myself to the fact that I will not push myself to finish a challenge piece. There, I said it out loud. I was OK with that and felt no pangs of guilt for letting down my groups.

Soon after the conversation was finished, we said good bye and I hung up. I continued my walk. And then it happened: Call it whatever you want, within seconds I had a clear image in my mind what I could create for the first challenge… and within a minute I clearly envisioned the second challenge piece as well. I have not been “hit” with inspiration and ideas for a while.

I smiled and sped up my walk feeling the urge to go straight to the studio to paint some fabrics. I knew just the colour schemes I was hoping to achieve. Fully focused I entered the studio, gathered white fabrics and acrylic inks (my preferred way to colour fabrics these days) and since most of the studio is packed (for an anticipated house sale and move)… And then I came across a small box labelled “painted fabrics – small.” I opened it and started to lift a few fat quarters and there they were: The colours and textures I had envisioned during my walk.

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I will admit, they are from my stash and harken back to my City & Guilds days… so they are “well seasoned” but ideal for the one foot square challenge pieces.

I began layering and stitching that afternoon and am so pleased with the first piece that is nearing completion. I don’t know what opened the door to creative expression for me only a few days ago. I am oscilating between my loudly expressing that I was not inspired and the fact that spring has arrived. I always feel more energized when a long winter comes to an end and the promise of blue skies and new plant life lies ahead.

For now, I will just accept my renewed energy and inspiration and embrace the urge to create. Thanks for stopping by today! Hope your first day of spring is filled with colour and sunshine!


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6 thoughts on “Happy Spring!

  1. Good for you Anna for being inspired then sharing the story of finding just what you need in your stash. I am inspired by the cheery promise of spring around the corner that your gorgeous daffodil photos display. Somewhere in my stash is some pretty yellow……

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  2. Nelly Kamphuis on said:

    Loved your story….very motivating! Spring is coming here, but slowly. Still lots of snow on the ground as well. Skiing continues to be great!

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    • Hi Nelly, glad to hear that the snow is still great for skiing! We are expecting another storm this coming weekend… just when we thought we made some progress with the snow melting from the last storm… Can’t wait for green grass and prairie crocus!


  3. paige04 on said:

    So glad to read about your conversation. I think I would love to do something, sign up or commit and then panic because all of a sudden it is due. Glad that walking and that Spring brings you ideas. Spring, at least yesterday, brought the sun and warmness. My “moment” consisted of seeing the sun shine in the streaked window to cause the dust bunnies to come into plain view! I guess after I finish the windows and the dusting, inspiration, (artistic) will happen. I always love reading your blog, it is almost like hearing you talk. I may not always post a comment but I do enjoy them . Happy Spring Day to you!

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