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This Burst of Energy…


…could it be attributed to the fact that the calendar says “Spring”? After a long winter, a big snow event since spring officially started and some melting snow and ice outside that have caused muddy roads for walking I will not question where the energy comes from.

I have decided to embrace this state of mind and attitude instead of questioning it… And I am taking full advantage of it. Last weekend, while the wind was swaying the trees in our yard and the snow was swirling outside the living room windows I retreated to my kitchen and started cleaning and organizing. My spice storage area is organized, pull-out drawers uncluttered and appliance cupboard free of unused and unwanted appliances (on their way to Goodwill). I told a friend: “I finally have my kitchen the way I had envisioned it years ago. but due to all the travel and teaching, I ignored this simple organizational task…” Now the kitchen is truly show-worthy… and once the snow melts for good we hope for some interest in the house and, ultimately, a buyer.

When it comes to the creative front, I am not resting either! I am working on a third small piece in two weeks, every single one created by hand and each stitch a mark made with a smile. It feels good to create without pressure. The close up image above is of the piece I am completing right now. Here I started with some light-weight cotton fabric that was splatter-painted years ago (and was selected from my stash!). I am using cotton and rayon threads for the Kantha stitching. I delight in the way the fabric is responding to the running stitch rows yielding the wonderfully soft wave-like overall texture. For added interest and in keeping with the intended theme I appliqued raw edge strips torn from the splatter painted fabric. These strips integrate well without being jarring to the eye. I look forward to mounting this piece onto the stretched canvas waiting in the studio.

Hope you are infected by Spring-Energy yourself! All the extra daylight brings with it positivity and anticipation of green grass and brilliant blue skies…


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4 thoughts on “This Burst of Energy…

  1. kitloewen on said:

    It’s a beautiful piece Anna! I’m inspired….


  2. paige04 on said:

    Just love the way the threads and fabric create the movement. I will put this in my “must try” box!


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