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Preserving a piece of history…

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Tuesday this week marked the last blustery day that reminded us that winter is holding on with all its might. With snowflakes swirling and the wind bending the mature trees around our home we hunkered down.

I reached for a project that has been on my to-list for a while, my antique lace table cloth. I inherited this table cloth from my maternal grandmother over 40 years ago. It is one of my favourite table coverings and I keep it out for most of the year.

Incidentally, while in my posssesion this round lace tablecloth has been one of my primary inspirational sources while preparing a London City & Guilds historically based design sheet.

I conducted a fair amount of research and learned a great deal during the very focused study experience. According to reliable sources this lace tablecloth dates back to the later part of the 19th Century. I remember my grandmother telling me that the cloth once belonged to her mother and if I am not mistaken, my great-grandmother made the cloth… although, I do not have proof of this fact.

With so much history and my desire to keep this tablecloth outside of protective drawers its age began to show. With each passing year and gentle washing I noticed the threads becoming a little more brittle. Lately I was unable to count the weak spots and areas where the holes began to widen.

There is no better time than a cold, grey day to attempt this daunting task of reparing the tablecloth. That is also a good project where my obsessive nature is a bonus. At first I felt a bit overwhelmed and didn’t know where to start connecting the broken threads. Once I figured out that simple needle lace was all that was required the work became more enjoyable. Five hours later the blowing snow outside the window was settling down as I lowered the table cloth into a gentle washing solution to remove the dust and dirt accumulated over the past few weeks.

Today the lace cloth is completely repaired and adorns the hall table once more. For once I was grateful for the last of the winter storms…

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2 thoughts on “Preserving a piece of history…

  1. Helene on said:

    It is so beautiful. How lovely for you and your great ancestors. A real treasure.

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  2. Elinor Burwash Designs on said:

    Anna, your blog led me to find a definition of needlelace. Last week I created a small stand alone leaf from a picture I found in a book. Now I know that what seemed like a million stitches to fill the tiny leaf in were actually called needlelace. it is a wonderful stitch to do as it is repetitive and calming.
    it is so lovely to see that you were able to restore the tablecloth, showing respect for stitchers of the past.

    Liked by 1 person

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