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A Quick Check-in…

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As the long weekend is winding down I realize I have not stayed in touch this month. When I checked my last blog post I could hardly believe that it was posted on May 2nd… a full three weeks ago and just prior to an unpredictable change. Since then the wild crocuses have long faded and the trees are filling in with lovely green leaves.

However, the past three weeks have been a bit of a roller coaster for me… My eyesight has been compromised and I am not very hopeful that there will be an improvement in the future. During the evening of May 1st, I suddenly experienced some strange shapes in my right eye which I attributed to being tired. They had not disappeared the next day and as that day progressed I realized that something was not quite right.

I had an appointment with the ophthalmologist on May 3rd and was immediately diagnosed with one or more retinal tears, hence the big black marks that kept morphing into all sorts of fantastical shapes and animals inspired by fables from my childhood long ago. Friday, May 4th I received a call from the eye surgeon’s office early in the day to inform me that an appointment for laser surgery was scheduled for the early afternoon in Regina. I was hopeful and impressed by the quick response…

What I was not prepared for was the uncertainty and vague info regarding recovery. To be honest, the past 17 days have been a struggle. Strong migraines lasting for days induced by the sensitivity to light (I changed my diet three months ago to cut out all sugar and grains and have not experienced migraines once my body had adjusted) and the continued presence of “floaters” in my right eye. I have had a hard time going outside to enjoy the glorious weather that has finally arrived. I know, I know… I am whining…

Facing these changes, which appear to be permanent (and the surgeon could not provide insights whether I would reach a full recovery) I am facing reality one small step at a time each day. After much contemplation and keeping my future prospects for impaired vision in mind, I am considering selling off my almost new Bernina 820 sewing machine. It was purchased in June 2015 and to date, I have created two quilts on it, one of which won Best of Country at the World Quilt & Textile Show in New England. The machine is in excellent working condition and comes with many accessories (but not the embroidery unit). If you are interested in starting a conversation about the price, please contact me with a private email.

Colin and I are getting ready for a camping trip to Alberta and into BC starting this coming Sunday, May 27. We will be keeping to the TransCanada Highway going west and returning about 8 – 10 days later via Crowsnest Pass. If you live close to that route and want free delivery of a nearly new Bernina 820, let’s start our conversation soon!

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13 thoughts on “A Quick Check-in…

  1. Linda Clark on said:

    Wow, how our lives can change in a blink of an eye…so to speak. I have often wondered what turn my life would take in the event of vision or hand problems…but yet don’t want to think about it. Your post makes me that much more anxious to work while I can…with all my parts are still cooperating. (Though they are all showing signs of wear!) And hopefully, you will find ways to continue to create and teach despite this new turn in your path. You have been an inspiration and mentor to so many…we are cheering you on from the sidelines!


  2. Anna, I am so very sorry to hear about your eyes! I have no suggestions, except to say that you must listen to what your body is telling you. It sounds like much rest is required, please try not to over-do. Sending love and healing energy to you with hopes for a fuller recovery!


    • Thanks, Jody. According to both eye specialists, rest is not required. I asked about it and was told to just carry on as usual… I appreciate the healing energy across the miles!


  3. Brenda on said:

    Hang in there,Anna. The brain has an amazing ability to readjust its visual perception, given time and rest. I had some eye challenges several years ago, not as serious as you, but it is possible to adjust. Be kind to yourself, and let time heal you. It’s hard to be patient.


    • Thanks for your encouraging note, Brenda. Yes, patience is a virtue… but I am not too hopeful about healing completely. The way the eye surgeon put it: “It might improve and it might not. The floaters will be a permanent side effect…” makes me think that no matter how much I rest my right eye will have a permanent shadow over it. Hope all is well with you!


  4. Anna, I’m so distressed for you and add my hopes to yours that things will improve. Hugs and best wishes.


  5. Katina on said:

    Sending positive thoughts. We depend on our eyes for so much. Ageing sucks. I know you will remain positive and turn this into another adventure. Salt air is a great healer.


    • Thanks, Katina! Yes, salt air is a great healer… but we not heading that far west or east, for that matter. Our house is still for sale… we went with a realtor at the end of April but there have been no showings this year at all despite the new bathroom that was added during the long winter. We will play it by ear… Colin has more medical appointments but if all goes well we are planning a visit to NB and NS for the fall, health permitting! Hope we can connect in person in the fall.


  6. Janet Wilhelm on said:

    Anna,I am sad to hear of your eye troubles. I will send positive healing thoughts from the east to you as you travel west. My husband experienced a loss of. Vision due to disseminated Lyme which got in his optic nerve so I have a. Lot of empathy for you.


    • Thanks for your kind words, Janet. Disseminated Lyme disease is a very serious condition and my heart goes out to you and your husband. My condition is age-related… or so the specialists tell me… It could happen at any time in my other eye. So much for trying to live healthy… your body wears out no matter how healthy I try to live. Hope all is well with you! Thinking of you often and the lovely participants at QBL.


  7. Ann Atchison on said:

    Anna, I’m so very sorry to hear about the problems with your eyesight. It is so stressful when you are diagnosed with something that makes the future uncertain. You and Colin have been through this already. Don’t make any big decisions until you see how things play out. I learned that when I was first diagnosed with MS.


    • Thanks for your advice, Ann. I appreciate you weighing in and cautioning me in my decision… but I have had a lot of time to think in dark rooms lately. And I have come to realize how easily I tire due to my diminished eyesight. In many ways I feel my life changed drastically immediately after I bought my dream sewing machine three years ago… Perhaps it is time to let go and try to make a new life with less…


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