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Art Quilt Campus: Day 4

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Like every year, the days fly by much too fast! It is no different this year and by Thursday the focus is on accomplishing as much as possible before we have to pull out the suitcases and pack for the journey home.

I was so busy moving from one workstation to another for individual consultations today that I completely forgot to capture any creative moments. The optional evening programme I offered to anyone interested was a Miksang Photowalk around the Abbey. My images make up the slideshow today… Apologies, if you were hoping to see familiar faces. Tomorrow is our last full day together. I will do my best to capture our activities in the classroom. Thanks for checking in tonight!

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2 thoughts on “Art Quilt Campus: Day 4

  1. Anna – I LOVE the photograph of the bicycle light. I took a bunch of photos of the bike but never thought to look at it straight on. Yours is such a great perspective!


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