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The Antidote to the Early Arrival of Winter…

Yes, it has been a while since I last posted and I have not been idle. We took advantage of some stable fall weather during the later part of October to drive to Edmonton. The primary reason was to get my Bernina 170 serviced and to take the plunge and look at a new machine. And this is the reason for my long silence. I brought my new B590 home on October 28, unpacked it on the 29th and have spent pretty much every available minute getting to know my new toy. After four days of making a stitch reference sample book I was ready for my first official project. With Christmas approaching so quickly I embarked on creating some gifts including adult and children’s aprons, oven mitts for kids as well as PJs as shown above!

A Cabbage Patch doll dressed in bright fuchsia but intended for a little boy was redressed…

…and if you remember my last trip to Germany to help out my niece with her newborn two years ago (here is a picture of Anni then):

…and Anni these days! She loves to read and pretend she is a doctor!

How could I possibly resist to create a little white coat for “Dr. Anni” as a Christmas surprise to go with the physician play case my sister has ordered?

Oh how I wish I could see her reaction on Christmas Eve! The parcels are ready to go to the post office tomorrow.

Soon I plan to get to some personal projects. To aid my creative endeavours in exploring some wearable art I took delivery of a dress form and some long awaited Folkwear patterns yesterday (the postal strike had these patterns take close to five weeks to get here).

I am altering an old wool dress for now. The big sleeves and embroidered Edelweiss made it a little too dated. Once I resize the sleeves I have a lovely winter/Christmas dress to wear!

You can find me back in the studio and it feels good. I have arranged and rearranged, sorted and repackaged books and fabrics two or three times a week… perhaps I should just unpack my boxes and reclaim the studio.

Stay tuned for regular updates and images of new work!

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14 thoughts on “The Antidote to the Early Arrival of Winter…

  1. kitloewen on said:

    These look lovely Anna! You’ve been so busy!! I too love the Folklore Patterns (and the Vogue Vintage series too!). I am working on some Christmas sewing too – I deconstructed one of my mom’s old tweed suits and am making stockings with embroidered cuffs. I will send a photo once they’re done!!


  2. Karen Annis on said:

    well done Anna!! you sound happy and content!!! KAREN


  3. loosethreadssasktelnet on said:

    You have been busy and what wonderful items for Germany Xmas. The colours are so vibrant. Love the doctor coat and cabbage patch kid. I have never sewn clothes before but have made 3 kimonos for Xmas gifts. Quite a struggle but they are super. Used my ice dyed cotton silk fabric for two and poly for the other. I may try my hand at some other items. Maybe but that is frightening for me. Hope you are both well and hope to see you in Dec sometime.


    • Hi again, traditional kimonos are a little tricky. Remember my butterfly kimono? It was my first traditional kimono and I had to draft the pattern myself. The weather determines our out of town trips these days… and the countless trips to the dentists… otherwise we are fine.


  4. Well they are just great. I have never sewn clothes before now and have made 3 (get that) kimono with me ice dyed silk,cotton fabric I got from Deb. I love the colours and know Xmas will great so very happy in Germany this year. Cheers to you. Glad you are back into fabric.


    • The kimonos sound exciting, Leona! Never really left fabric… you should see all the boxes with fabrics ranging from linen, ramie and silks to quilting cottons… and still I ended up buying fabric for the items I just finished.


  5. You’re back! Thank heavens as we were beginning to worry. Sounds like you have been very busy exploring your new machine. The gifts are wonderful. do I get on that list?


    • Hahaha, what is it you would like me to make for you, Eileen? An apron? PJs? I am looking forward to trying one of the Folkwear Patterns for a studio smock soon. It’s one way to ignore these grey days and the dreaded ice on the lake! Hope you are well and staying creative!


  6. carolewles on said:

    You have been busy Anna. It’s so nice to hear from you and I love all the Christmas gifts you’ve made. The little ones will really enjoy them. I think you need to reclaim your studio. It’s been a long time since you were able to do creative work. Enjoy!


    • Thanks, Carol… if the boxes containing books and fabric weren’t so heavy I would move them back into the upstairs storage area. It took weeks to pack everything and it would take much energy and time to put things back into a designated space… perhaps I should do it. Murphy’s law would probably kick in and a buyer for the property would show up… for now I have the “important” supplies within reach! I will see how it goes.


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