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Where did the time go, again!

I truly feel I am losing my grasp on time… December arrived before I could comprehend fully that 2918 has entered its final month. November went by in a blur with most days spent in the studio and the occasional excursions to Regina for rather lengthy dental appointments… And I am happy to report that I have greatly contributed to my dental professionals’ payroll🤣.

Last week a Winter Wonderland began to arrive in our area and despite the long absence of the sun I cannot help but be in awe of nature’s artistic talents.

It was t all that chilly outside but I opted to get my exercise from moving boxes from the main studio space to the mezzanine storage area. Some regular visitors to this website know that we are trying to sell our property for the last couple of years. When a conditional sale did not come to fruition about 18 months ago I had already sorted my studio supplies and packed boxes with books and fabrics. When last month saw me moving and scouting for fabric in my many boxes I realized that I was wasting a lot of time…

…voila: Studio and storage areas are now optimal spaces again and creativity can flow freely!

I completed the last of

my Christmas gift sewing….

…and all parcels have left Moose Jaw post office for their respective destinations as of last week.

I am now turning my attention to some clothing construction. I unearthed some rusted ramie fabric which I have sewn together to create a kimono-style jacket. I adding hand embroidery to this at the moment…

The red wool dress turned out well!

I was happy to wear it to our Weavers’ group Christmas party yesterday! It kept me nice and toasty warm during the four hour power outage that lasted for most of the get-together. I was part of the organizing team and organized gifts for everyone. I had a lot of fun gathering useful items that seemed to hit the spot.

And when Fiber artists come together great food is never far off!

Today we finally welcomed back the sun and a glorious blue sky!

Tomorrow will be a full day in the studio… or, if I feel like it I will take some time out for some pre-Christmas baking!

…like these friend-approved Domino Steine…😊

Hope all of you are enjoying some creative time and some delicious treats with a cup of your favourite beverage. Remember to stop and breathe regularly and join me in trying to keep the stress of the season at bay!

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12 thoughts on “Where did the time go, again!

  1. Carol Schulties on said:

    Your photos are great! Mother Nature at her finest!


  2. Katina on said:

    We were happy to find out our propane fire place works in power outages. No fan, but the flame is there to keep the room warm. Hope you were able to keep comfortable today. Mahone Bay Guilld announced last night that Elaine Quehl will be the featured Quilter this spring. That means a wonderful dessert party, trunk show and workshops. Something to look forward to after the predicted long winter.


    • Yes, Elaine shared with me while ago that she us going to be at your guild this coming spring! – We will be looking for alternative heat sources in our next place… It has been a very chilly day today! I usually expect such days, but when it happens three days in a row I am not impressed, especially since there was no time frost on our lines…


  3. kitloewen on said:

    The rime ice images are so stunning Anna! It is like we’ve been living inside a Christmas card!


  4. Love the snow photos! I just got home from camping in the snow…

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  5. 46eileen on said:

    You have been busy for sure. I know that the gift recipients are going to be very happy. My sewing has been curtailed somewhat as my embroidery machine & my small travel machine are both in the hospital getting repaired. Now my serger has come to a skreeching halt. Hopefully, I won’t have to get a job to bring them home. $$$ The good news is that the house is getting cleaned & reflecting the Christmas spirit with cheery decorations.
    Your photos are heartwarming. Thanks for sharing.


    • Oh that! Sick seeing machines all around? I feel for you Eileen! I am still on the fence about decirating for Christmas – its just the two of us and no company. I don’t mind putting the decirations up but taking them down seems to take so much more effort!


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