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Sharing time!

Let’s just start out with cuteness personified… Dr. Anni in action! The white coat is a great hit!

Today is our anniversary and it was time to reveal the finished project I have kept under wraps. Call it a “joined venture”: Colin and his local weaving group wove overshot panels in overshot patterns this year. I offered to join his panels into this coverlet and cushion. Originally I thought it would be a cinch to get this done but it took around 50 hours of making the widely different panels come together in a cohesive presentation. The 16th panel was perfect for the cushion. I also decided to embroider everyones names below their overshot panel rather than stitch on an impersonal label. The verdict: Colin really likes the coverlet! Phew! This was definitely worth the effort!

Speaking of effort: a last minute Christmas gift idea for Colin went over well! I had an old alpaca sweater with woven front panels that was much too big for me. After some deliberation and careful use of surgical steel seam rippers I separated the panels into two (they were decoratively stitched together in the front). Using another much loved vest as a model I used faux suede for the back and a rayon lining to finish this vest just in time to wrap and place under the tree! I still have the alpaca yarn which will be great for one of Colin’s future weaving projects

Here is my newest creation, also finished just in time for Christmas. I ordered the Chupa dress pattern during the Folkwear Black Friday sale and it took a full four weeks to reach me. I was so pleased when I held it in my hand on December 20th. What made me even happier was the fact that the plaid fabric I had in my stash for over 30 years turned out to be just enough for the short dress version in the small size. Double win and Merry Christmas to me: The dress fits to a T and it didn’t cost me a dime!

Earlier this month I wore a dress that fits comfortably but was a little longer than I liked. I changed the sleeves to 3/4 length and took about three inches off the bottom hem. I love to wear this over tights or leggings.

And then there was this silk dress Colin custom ordered for my birthday many years ago in Calgary. I had not worn this loose-fitting dress in years and decided to play around a bit. I cut off about 12″ from the bottom half, added a bit of elastic to the back and sleeves and I now have a new tunic to wear over tights or leggings. I can’t wait to wear it to a special event sometime soon!

Moving right along to several pairs of jeans that were nearly new but fit poorly. I became brave and tried my hand at altering these red jeans into a skirt. I added darts to the waistband which made the pockets bulge… but some tucks and button details made this a design feature!

Emboldened by this successful alteration outcome I tackled two more pair…

…complete with button details!

I am set with my updated wardrobe… looking forward to wearing them at a venue near you soon!

That’s the report from my studio for December 2018! I am currently searching my stash for fabrics I can utilize in future sewing projects… Winter cant be long enough for me!

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21 thoughts on “Sharing time!

  1. Great stuff. Glad you are sewing up a storm. Looking good. Me too. Have made 10 kimonos science mid nov. 4 silk and rest poly sheers plus 2 silk cotton ice dyed. Sure liked the coverlet. Colin is a lucky guy. Good to see you at Deb’s.


    • My goodness… 15 kimonos! A new one for every other day of the month! Well done. The coverlet would not have taken shape without Colin’s weaving…


    • Jackie Van Fossen on said:

      Anna I love all of your sewing. I have fabric purchased from Haus of Stitches 2 years ago to get sewn. Ihope you are in Edmonton one of these days again so that I can enjoy a class with you. I am doing recycled fabric and hand stitching – similar to your Kantha. Happy New Year – Jackie Van Fossen


      • Hi Jackie, great to hear from you. I have tried to stay in touch via email over the past year but every attempt ended up in a bounce back and notification that the email address I have for you no longer exists… hope all is well with you. I have no plans for teaching or traveling to Edmonton anytime soon. I was there in October to get my new sewing machine. Wishing you a productive and creative new year!


  2. 46eileen on said:

    Yikes. You have been busy! Everything looks so great. As usual you give me inspiration to revamp a few things in my closet & my life. I enrolled in a watercolour (basics) class starting in January. I am soooo looking forward to it.
    Happy Anniversary, although belated, to you both.


  3. Georgette Ehr on said:

    Hi Anna. Belated anniversary wishes to you and Colin, and happy birthday to you today. I didn’t realize that you two were as crazy for celebrating many events at once as we are. My birthday was the 26 and our anniversary was the27. Enjoy your special time in the studio! Georgette

    On Fri, Dec 28, 2018, 11:46 AM Anna Hergert, Art & Design annahergert posted: ” Let’s just start out with cuteness personified… > Dr. Anni in action! The white coat is a great hit! Today is our anniversary > and it was time to reveal the finished project I have kept under wraps. > Call it a “joined venture”: Colin and his local weav” >


    • Thank you. Georgette!! Your dates coincide with my brother in law’s… imagine us four years ago when we spent Christmas in Germany… the celebrations started Christmas Eve (because that’s how they do it in Germany) and continued till New Year’s Eve with one day of “rest” on Dec. 30th. In our house we didn’t do anything again this year. We family far away these days are usually just like any other day of the year. Thanks for your good wishes!


  4. Cathy Willoughby on said:

    Love the coverlet! Reminds me of 60’s Op Art. Happy Anniversary to you both. And Happy Birthday tomorrow.


  5. If you keep having this much fun, winter will be over before you know it!


  6. katnipquilts on said:

    Wow! You’ve been very busy! As ever, I’m terribly impressed! If I recall this is your birthday week, so let me extend a virtual hug! Happy birthday! K.

    Sent from my iPad



  7. Elinor Burwash Designs on said:

    Anna, it is a joy to see your creativity in action.
    The coverlet is beautiful and the vest a great use of an old sweater. The Prairie Rule is at work.
    There is nothing that gives as much satisfaction as redoing something and making it useful again, enjoy your new clothes.
    Good on you.


  8. Janet Wilhelm on said:

    You have been very busy this month. Now you have many “new”items for your wardrobe.
    Happy Anniversary


  9. carolewles on said:

    Happy Anniversary to both of you. I can see you have been making that new sewing machine “sing”. By now you probably know all it’s little quirks and blessings. The coverlet that you made for Colin is stunning. Love the doctor coat for Anni. A whole new wardrobe – Wow! You’ve shown us all how to do it too. I would love to shut myself up in my studio for the whole month of January. Lots of ideas, not enough time!


  10. Nelly Kamphuis on said:

    Anna, All I can say is WOW!!! How satisfying to successfully complete these projects! The coverlet is beautiful! Happy Anniversary to you both!



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