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When Sampling Pays Off…

…and a muslin fits well enough to embellish.

Earlier this month I converted some embellished rayon fabric (from wrap around pants I never felt comfortable in) into a reversible skirt for summer.

Last week I decided to make a muslin for a sleeveless blouse from an old Vogue pattern that I used in the past but was never happy with its final fit. I used bleached PFD cotton and was very pleased when the top fit perfectly this time. In fact it turned out so well…

…that I felt it would be a shame to just set it aside as a sample. I pulled some rayon sewing threads to tie in the colours from the skirt and added simple running stitches for detail and colour.

The blouse is ready… summer can come… if only the snow we received over the weekend would melt and the mercury would climb! 🤣

Wishing everyone a fabulous and creative week!

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6 thoughts on “When Sampling Pays Off…

  1. herminajoldersma on said:

    Lovely, Anna!
    I recently made a muslin from the “Tabula Rasa” pattern that Art to Wear put out. One of the things this pattern has you do is put horizontal balance lines on the muslin, so that you can see where some adjustments might be made. Looking at the front of your muslin, I immediately thought that the third (and bottom) HBL that that pattern has you do, would have been skewed and would suggest a bit of additional fabric in the front, between the bust-line and the bottom. HOWEVER – I realize the picture is of it on the dress form and that it might fit absolutely perfectly on you.
    And of course your workmanship is terrific as always – wish I could stitch as well as you!


    • Thanks for the feedback… I will blame the rushed photography as the top fits exactly as I wanted it to… that is why I made the sample. When it fit me as intended I started the embellishment – just simple running stitches which were a lot of fun to do and I had to stop myself from going overboard!


  2. carolewles on said:

    It’s so pretty. I’m ready to think about some summer colours too.


  3. It’s beautiful!


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