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“Old School” Techniques

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This week I managed to pull appropriate fabrics and colours together for the “Luther Rose Commission”. I presented the storyboard with drawings and fabric swatches to the pastor on Friday and it was received with very positive reactions. I should know by the end of the month which design wins the most votes. Pastor K. was very taken with the centre design, he loved the inclusion of keywords. I shall see how the congregation responds.

Meanwhile, I am working on a couple of asymmetrical vests. It took some careful measuring in order to decide overall fit. I am just cutting out the fabrics now…

…And this is how we are managing to survive the February 2019 weather, the coldest Saskatchewan winter on record in 80 years! Needless to say, we are staying close to home and the various heat sources available to us. Even a short shopping trip into town is carefully planned these days!

I know that this winter has affected everyone from coast to coast across our vast land. What has everyone been up to? I would imagine that creative muscles have been strengthened everywhere! Do weigh in with your comments below!

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6 thoughts on ““Old School” Techniques

  1. paige04 on said:

    #1 would be my choice,I am sure that the all convey the same message. I know the end result will be stunning! We are trying to keep our toes and noses warm in the sunny Okanagan with the odd burst of sunshine. No mosquitoes at these temperatures. Small mercies.

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  2. I agree with Father. # 2. What a fun project for you and a nice way to ward off cold toes. Can’t wait to see what a symmetrical vest looks like coming from your fingers.

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    • The vest is cut out and I am deciding on whether the fabric requires lining… meanwhile I spent yesterday afternoon creating the letters for the church hanging. It was easier than I thought! And, best of all, I have gathered some fabrics from my stash for most of the hanging. I am so relieved that I don’t have to venture out in this cold to find all the fabrics.


  3. Well done, Anna… I love the second one…

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    • Awww, thanks Debbie! That seems to be the favourite so far. I must say I like it as well – just have to figure out how to enlarge the letters to make them somewhat uniform… My motto: Design first and figure out the techniques and challenges later. 😉


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