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Old School Techniques – Part II


Thanks for all the “likes” and interest in last week’s post. I am still waiting to hear from the church to see which design they have chosen.

However, since the basic design is the same for all three maquettes I decided this week to get the pattern enlarged to the actual size the brief specifies and identify individual pattern pieces. I also tackled the lettering, just in case the letters will be requested. The weather was in my favour, we continue to enjoy the deep-freeze… And I was able to get the pattern and dimensions worked out just in time before another debilitating migraine took over my life. I am better today and am taking advantage of the pain-free day to update the blog and look after lapsed correspondence.

Sorry for the lack of colour in today’s post but I thought I would share my process a little. I am not close to a printing shop where I could take advantage of having my pattern scanned and enlarged, therefore I resort to my “old school method” of enlarging by applying a grid.
IMG_1144Step 1: First I traced the tentative design. I included the letters as I saw it as a bit of a challenge on how to enlarge them successfully. I create a grid to place over the original drawing, then calculated the required finished size. This design was relatively easy to figure out, the finished size will be 60″ across.

Step 2: I measured out 10″ squares on a piece of landscape fabric… it had to add on here and there as it was a roll end I had in my stash but in the end, it was just large enough to use for the pattern design portion. Slowly I transferred the design using graphite. That worked very well!

IMG_1148Step 3: Over the landscape fabric I placed a sheet of vapour barrier plastic (another remnant, this time from Colin’s renovation supplies) and using a Sharpy pen I transferred the pattern. Up to this point, I did the drawing and tracing on the studio floor which was very fortunate. I love having the space. Now it was time to clear space on the design wall and pin the pattern to the wall to isolate the individual pattern pieces.

IMG_1149Step 4: With the pattern tracing pinned up at eye level I was able to draw in a couple of details and make small adjustments where needed. This image is also better than the previous images that show so many waves and wrinkles that seemed to be even stronger when I made the images with my iPhone.

IMG_1147Step 5: I started tracing pattern pieces from the centre outward. I made sure to carefully measure when necessary and label the pieces to avoid confusion when assembling the commission.

IMG_1152Step 6: And here we are, all pattern pieces are waiting for the go-ahead. I have minimal shopping to do as I have most of the fabrics and colours in my stash.

IMG_1145Step 7: I spent an entire afternoon working on the lettering. I was a little apprehensive about my skill to create this classic alphabet but taking things slowly was just what I needed to come out smiling. I will have a total of 29 letters and symbols to affix to the hanging. To enlarge the letters I used the same technique as I did for the base design. It worked so much better than I expected and I am confident that creating each letter and its placement will be easy.

I am ready for the final decision from Reverend K…  I will keep you posted on progress! Thanks for checking in today! Hope you are staying toasty warm!

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6 thoughts on “Old School Techniques – Part II

  1. paige04 on said:

    Wow, this is sure a labour of love. Can’t wait to hear what the verdict is for the design.


    • Not a labour of love… a commission and this process is pretty much how I design 90% of my work. I just decided to share the process here because I often get asked what my design workflow looks like.


  2. Fingers crossed for you. I know your presentation would have been top notch. Wind is hammering the snow against the window. As a precaution we have buckets of water ready in case of power failure. Plus three tomorrow when the snow changes to ice pellets and the torrents of rain. A very cantankerous quilt will be on the agenda if it is indeed a snow day.


    • Isn’t this winter just crazy all across the country, Katina? And I just read the forecast for the next four weeks… so not looking forward to it. It will mean that listing our house will be much delayed!


  3. Your progress looks amazing Anna!


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