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Long Overdue Update

Life has been busy around here. The commission took over and I wanted to make some good progress before our house went back on the property market. The close ups above show some of the details I incorporated. The piece is finished but I am still tweaking the hanging device.

Once the commission was completed I turned my attention back to some garment sewing… the pattern I followed is aptly called “Lines and Angles” by Lorraine Torrence. I ended up creating two individual vests plus one that is layered. These vests all complement the asymmetrical skirt and the pants. I can’t wait for an occasion to wear some of them.

In my non-studio time I am busy “feeding my obsessive-compulsive tendencies”… I am working on creating hexagons to fashion a quilt for little Anni. The plan is to make a centre panel in traditional grandmother’s flower garden design with a border of butterflies. My hexagon stash is growing. I can’t wait to assemble them soon!

This afternoon we finished updating the kitchen. After watching one short segment on kitchen updates on Thursday I decided to add some interest to my very functional kitchen. I picked up some fresh paint on Friday morning, rolled up my sleeves that afternoon, pulled out rollers and brushes and by this afternoon my kitchen went from blah to European flair! Perfect timing for Easter!

While I was busy between garage (designated painting studio for the weekend) and the hub of the house the weather is doing it’s thing: sunshine and wind yesterday and some rain this morning… the ice is breaking up and I can’t wait for it to disappear very soon!

Hope your last month has been productive. Wishing all of you a wonderful Easter week!

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