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When the Reno Bug Bites…

…and you have updated what you wanted in the house, the attention shifts to our camper!

Our A-Liner was purchased in 2008. Just two weeks later we embarked on a six week excursion to Canada’s Eastern provinces. Since then we have put countless miles on and ventured across Canada and into the western US.

Was it any wonder that the upholstery was getting compressed? But what was worse for me was the dated decor. I was never fond of the faux wood veneer, the mottled beige and brown walls and the drab curtains with green striped ruffles… ( just imagine… green striped ruffled curtains!)

In May I began the update: First we replaced the lino with vinyl plank flooring. The original linoleum had split in half the entire length of the floor due to the extreme cold last winter. Next, I found some fun fabric for the curtains and created slip covers for the upholstery which also doubles as our bed. While in Calgary on our way to BC we ordered new foam to replace to deteriorating manufacturer’s grade foam upholstery inserts. I also added some metallic self-stick tiles along the edge of the floor and along the counter tops.

It was a great start, but didn’t quite do the trick for me.

Two weeks ago we removed everything from the A-Liner and I picked up some hard-wearing acrylic paint at the hardware store. Soon I was wielding my good friend, the paint brush. 😁

It was one of our hot and stormy summer weekends and things progressed well. The paint dried quickly and by the end of Sunday we put everything back in its place.

We love the new look! Light and airy! I chose a very pale blue for the lower walls. The cabinetry colour is a pale grey (called “Place of Dust” by Beautytone from Home Hardware).

And if you are wondering were we are off to… nowhere, really. We are planning another short get-away at the end of August/early September. But I can’t wait for a longer trip, maybe next year…

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4 thoughts on “When the Reno Bug Bites…

  1. Wow Anna. It looks like a place one could travel in and feel comfortable and cheery.


  2. Nancy on said:

    Wow! What a difference.
    Like you said nice and light and airy.
    Lovely modern look.


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