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Anni’s Hexagon Heirloom Quilt

Six months ago I embarked on a healing journey… It included several at home tests that required spending hours on the couch. I found that very hard to imagine and decided to start a new, all handwork, project. I wasn’t sure where it would lead but within a week I was producing hexagons by the dozens and thanks to my somewhat obsessive compulsive personality I was hooked! I took my paper hexagons and fabric scraps everywhere. On car trips into town, time in coffee shops, at doctor and lab appointments and various meetings I was busily basting fabric to paper. I could not wait to join some of these hexagons to create rosettes and butterflies.

By late April I was creating rosettes and butterflies and I liked what I saw. Soon I had a more definite plan on how to join the individual components into a cohesive design.

I did not buy any fabrics for the quilt top. But after I found out that my grand-niece’s favourite colour is purple I did look and find a suitable backing.

Originally I planned to do the quilting by machine. However, by the time I had joined top to backing by hand I realized that it was imperative to maintain the heirloom quality of the creation. I decided to hand-quilt, not an easy feat without a frame. I spent an evening on the studio floor hand-basting the layers together and started quilting from the butterfly border toward the centre. Amazingly enough, I have no puckers, there was no shifting of the layers and my originally feeble attempt of hand-quilting became more even.

With a month to go before I deliver this quilt I decided to appliqué the leftover rosettes and one butterfly to the backing. I also attached a hanging sleeve in case they want to adorn the bedroom wall instead.

The quilt will be delivered on November 1st when Anni turns three. It measures 62″ x 53″ and has 2003 individual hexagons in the top alone.

I can’t wait to see her reaction when she unwraps it on her birthday!

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14 thoughts on “Anni’s Hexagon Heirloom Quilt

  1. loosethreadssasktelnet on said:

    It is a beauty. She will love the colours and snuggle into it. Sorry about the pups. You will miss them for sure. Loved your pics from BC. Beautiful grands for sure. Hope to see you at quilt show.


  2. Wow Anna this is a beauty. She will love the colours and snuggle up. Have not seen you for quite some time. Hope to get the group together after the quilt show. Sorry about the pups. Sadness for you both.

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  3. A treasure indeed! Beautiful Anna. She is a very luck little girl to have you in her life.

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  4. Super Star Hexi Queen….I hear that Hexis have a way of multiplying right in front of your eyes. Having never tried doing them, this maybe a new project for me in 2020. Not as big as this beautiful quilt, however!
    It amazes me how much you get done from one post to another.
    I hear that you had a bit of the white stuff early this year, stay warm


    • Thanks Paige! I have a whole bunch of hexies left over… not sure what I will do with them… They accumulate quickly once you start making them.
      There was snow all around us but we have no snow in our community. The hills across the lake are white, our yard is bright green! I keep telling people we live on an island😜


  5. Oh Anna, it’s lovely!
    I’m always inspired by you: such commitment in spite of how you’re feeling!! 💕🙏🏻


  6. Nelly Kamphuis on said:

    Beautiful quilt Anna…a labour of love!

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  7. silkmaid on said:

    What a truly spectacular, colourful 3rd Birthday handmade quilt Annie will be blessed to receive from her beloved Great Aunt Anna! What a neat idea to add a flower and butterfly to the back of it along with the inscription. This is truly a treasure Anna. You are both blessed to have such a loving bond between you that will grow stronger with the years, especially when she has this lovely handiwork to enjoy looking at and possibly being covered by, or on her wall, every single day. I have a feeling this really did help you to heal. Judith.


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