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Afternoon Excursion to Monreal, Germany

After the morning fog lifted and the sun peeked through the clouds the quick decision was struck to go for a short afternoon drive, destination Monreal with its two castle ruins towering over the tiny medieval town. The pilgrim church was erected in 1460!

Our hard climb to both ruins rewarded us with spectacular views.

After a brief stop for coffee and water we visited the local pottery. A true feast for the eyes… Enjoy!

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11 thoughts on “Afternoon Excursion to Monreal, Germany

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  2. Shirley on said:

    You are so generous to share your photos, i enjoy them so much, a little reprieve from this very cold October.

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  3. Nelly Kamphuis on said:

    What a lovely picturesque town! And such beautiful weather too! Thank you for sharing!


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  4. Brenda Turner on said:

    Thank you for sharing your trip. I love your photos. Brenda

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  5. Fabulous pictures Anna, and the streets are so clean and tidy. Oh and I love all the colours!

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  6. I loved going on this virtual tour with you! Looks like a wonderful destination.


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