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Stepping back in Time… Wiehl and Schloss Homburg

My sister and I spent the day travelling back in time. As children, every year in early November, our mother would bundle us up, load up the car and head to her hometown, Wiehl (about 50 km east of Cologne).

We no longer have any living relatives in Wiehl so we made the first stop at the cemetery. From there we spent some time exploring the downtown area before we headed to Schloss Homburg, a favourite destination of our mother’s. Hope you enjoy our Sunday outing images!

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8 thoughts on “Stepping back in Time… Wiehl and Schloss Homburg

  1. The pictures are so interesting Anna.

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  2. Karen Annis on said:

    always love your pictures. Enjoy your time in Germany!!

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  3. paulajolly on said:

    Just fabulous pictures!! Enjoy your trip Anna

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  4. Denise Kelly on said:

    Wonderful pictures Anna!
    You can really feel the history!

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