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Remembering the Past…

Yesterday Germany commemorated the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. Thanks to a personal connection my niece was able to secure tickets for a special tour of the old government bunker near Ahrweiler. Our guided tour was lead by a specialist with in-depth knowledge of the spy network between east and west Germany during the Cold War.

Two hours went by very quickly! Our brains on overdrive and filled to the brim with facts and newly acquired knowledge we reflected on the day’s events while navigating nearby vineyards.

While the special tour was filled with amazing facts we expressed our slight disappointment that we didn’t get to see many of the spaces covered during regular tours. Imagine my surprise when Nadine shared with me today that her connection offered us a private tour of the bunker one morning during my last week here.

Following are a few impressions from yesterday. Stay tuned for more in ten days!

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4 thoughts on “Remembering the Past…

  1. What an amazing experience you had! The timing of you visit could not have been better.


  2. Cathy Kieffer on said:

    Thank you Anna for the pictures we too have been watching the celebrations and with rememberance day tomorrow reflecting on the war. It still is hard to believe that people think that it did not happen. Young people also have a hard time understanding about the war. Take care Anna. Cathy&Rom

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