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Quick stop in Saarbrücken

On our way home to Remagen I was treated to a short walk-about of the castle and circle of Saarbrücken, another Saarland gem I heard much about in the past but never visited before.

I had discovered the following interesting fact recently: After WWII the Saarland became the so called Zollzone governed by France. On January 1st, 1957 (I was born three days prior) the Saarland was handed back to Germany and thus integrated fully into the Bundesrepublik Deutschland of the time. It is difficult to imagine that this small province of Germany is one of the richest provinces. Small, well kept towns dotted through the hilly and forested landscape are in stark contrast to the sprawling steel producing factories straddling the French border.

Here are a few images of Saarbrücken:

And now a few impressions of the countryside… please excuse the quality of the pictures. I had to be quick in framing the subjects as my sister and brother-in-law are not the kind of travellers who make frequent stops to appreciate the sites along travel routes😩.

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4 thoughts on “Quick stop in Saarbrücken

  1. elinorburwashdesigns on said:

    HI Anna. The pictures are very descriptive and it is a joy to see them. I am back being connected to the digital world so can go back and catch up on the posts I have missed.
    Hope you are having a wonderful visit.

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  2. What beautiful pictures! And looks like you’re having a fabulous visit!

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