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Mainz… The Pink City

Mainz is an important urban centre in Germany. Not far from Frankfurt, the financial hub with gleaming high rises and its modern skyline, Mainz contrasts beautifully with historic structures around the bustling cathedral market place.

Mainz is the city of Gutenberg who transformed history with the invention of the printing press, catapulting the people of the dark age into the age of mass communication…

Why “The Pink City”? The images below might provide some understanding:

…trying to find the alternate entrance into the cathedral under construction/restoration…

After we finally found the museum and paid admission we ascended the staircase to the first floor where a rather unfriendly docent yelled “kein fotografieren (no photography)” after I snatched this one and only image inside the Gutenberg Museum…

Such is life! The ancient documents and the history of printing is well preserved in Mainz and definitely worth a visit!

The day was nearing its end as we made our way back to the parkade… The historic city of Mainz, another worthwhile destination while exploring Germany! Thanks to Bettina and Ralf this will be memorable.

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4 thoughts on “Mainz… The Pink City

  1. Roseanne Tarnowski on said:

    Dear Anna: Thank You “sew” much for sharing your journey …. it has truly been a gift for me as I will never visit these places and especially seeing it through your very artistic eyes! I was in a class of yours many years ago in Canmore.

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  2. Shelley on said:

    Wow, Anna! Thank you for sharing your beautiful homeland with us. What magnificent buildings and grounds and thoughtful pictures.

    Liked by 1 person

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