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Undiscovered Vistas… Weekend Drive Through the Westerwald

We grew up to our mother whistling the song about the Westerwald, where apparently the wind whistled colder than anywhere else…🤣

My sister Bettina and her husband Ralf LOVE going for drives. When we woke up to a glorious fall day last Saturday the decision to explore the countryside across the Rhine was quickly struck.

Once you view the images below I trust it was an afternoon well spent!

We finished our mini tour in Engers where the historic Schloß Engers (these days a renowned music academy) and the old buildings in from of the gate provided the perfect backdrop for the last images of the day.

Wishing you a relaxing Saturday filled with warming sun rays or a roaring fire wherever you may live!

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4 thoughts on “Undiscovered Vistas… Weekend Drive Through the Westerwald

  1. carolewles on said:

    I absolutely agree that it was an afternoon well-spent. Glorious. Love the pictures. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. Susan Mooney on said:

    Thanks for sharing the wonderful photos of your visit. Today’s post of the glorious fall day is especially spectacular (for those of us who have been experiencing snow during the autumn)!


    • So happy you are enjoying the images! It was my intent to help those who have had to manage unseasonably cold weeks lately a little better… I am nearly all packed but very reluctant to check in to confirm my flight ticket home!


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