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One Last Memory: Linz

Just across and a little south along the Rhine from Remagen a a short ferry ride gets us to Linz. This is the most charming old town, complete with a knight’s castle. My niece Nadine, her daughter Anni and I spent a couple of hours last Thursday exploring the narrow roads and ancient market places.

It was magical… Nadine revisited places of her childhood and Anni discovered places her mom loves. The Christmas Market was being set up and the little shops provided a hint of the upcoming season.

As we were waiting for the ferry for our ride back to Kripp/Remagen I discovered a Canadian flag foreshadowing my upcoming return home.

It is only fitting that as you read this last report from Germany I will be flying high above, heading home.

Thanks for traveling along with me during the past four weeks. It was an amazing time with family and an opportunity meet new friends and reconnect with one very “old” friend as well. I created wonderful new memories that will hopefully provide the strength to weather this long cold winter!

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7 thoughts on “One Last Memory: Linz

  1. paige04 on said:

    All of your photos from the past weeks have been inspiring. Maybe these towns will be on a few bucket lists.

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  2. Pat Hoyer on said:

    Thank you, Anna,
    You so generously shared your photos that it seemed as if we were travelling with you!
    It may be a cold winter, but I like to think of it as “quilting season”.

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  3. elinorburwashdesigns on said:

    Hope your trip is smooth.
    Datura lilies at the end of Nov. Amazing.

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  4. paulajolly on said:

    Thank You for sharing your creative eye with us Anna! I’ve loved the pictures. And I see a few art quilts coming from you😉❤️

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  5. Regina Marzlin on said:

    Thank you Anna for taking us along! I enjoyed very much seeing so many familiar places through your eyes. Good thing I was there just a few weeks ago, might be homesick otherwise! All the best, Regina

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