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The Return of the “Ice Walker”

It was a beautiful day today! The sun was out and the outside temperature climbed to +2C. It was time for a walk around the neighbourhood. The lake had iced over at the end of October (while I was away in Germany). This marks the earliest ice cover on Buffalo Pound Lake in the 13 winters we have lived here. I was seriously considering cashing in my return ticket… (insert big smile here – it was a joke!). Instead, I am trying to embrace my old routine: Walking the lake whenever it is warm enough! There is inspiration everywhere…

Once I stepped onto the lake I realized how I had missed the scenery. Exploring the shore in winter is always a treat.

I can hardly believe that Christmas is next week. The hills across have no snow which is so unusual for this time of the year!

But I don’t worry about that for long. My eyes go to the ice cover and windswept snow on top of the ice.

…Nature’s composition…

Ice shacks are beginning to appear.

Love this windswept pattern!

The ice is getting thicker and I love looking for frozen bubbles.

My steadfast companion…

…Ash had fun exploring the snow and ice today!

Another snow pattern created by the winds that blew so cold only yesterday.

After I returned home I made my way through a small stack of letters. Registrations for Art Quilt Residency (formerly known as Art Quilt Campus) have started to arrive. This is always the sign that the end of the year is upon us!

And I just have to share: I  was so excited to find a little treat in one of the registrations… Tucked into a hilarious birthday card (yes, it’s that time again just before the year turns…) was a gift card! Thank you so much for the surprise, Alison… I will have a flat white with heavy cream on you!

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6 thoughts on “The Return of the “Ice Walker”

  1. Hi Anna. your steadfast companion looks quite fierce in one picture. I am sure that she will keep you quite safe as you walk. She certainly looks like a beauty.


  2. Just read your email Anna! I do hope I’ve told you I am coming to Art Quilt Residency!!! Ive been gone from home since Oct 28. We just finished our cruise and are in Sydney. We will arrive back home for a couple of weeks on Dec. 28. I’ll send my money then. If I’m not too late.😳


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