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The New Year…

…is in full swing and I feel I am already falling behind with some of my goals. But life tends to happen…

I spent yesterday putting away my Christmas decorations, including the tree. It was perfect timing on my part as there is overnight company arriving later today! I have not really stepped into the studio as such.

I located this book I have owned for many years. After creating the little rug for Anni’s dollhouse my niece encouraged me to create one for her Victorian doll house. After some calculation, digging out a piece of 22 count canvas and some silk embroidery floss from my stash I started one of the rugs. It will be a challenge to work on it as the colours are very close and working in the evenings won’t be possible due to lighting conditions and my poor eye sight. Let me just say, it is a humbling and sometimes frustrating experience.

On a more uplifting note, I can’t help but share an image if this lovely book:

It was sitting at the post office for a week because it was a surprise gift for my birthday and I had to produce a special pick up code to retrieve the parcel from Amazon. Talk about complicated… but my friend who works at the post office tells me that this is a rule that applies to those of us with post office boxes. We never stop learning.

Getting back to the book, it is a feast for the senses! It all starts with the cloth cover: it is just so comfortable to handle and at the same time just calls out to me to pull fabric from the stash and add stitching right now!

I am including the table of contents for reference, just because… the topics and project ideas are limitless and one idea leads to another. It is just the kind of book one needs for this time of the year when the wind howls and the snow flies outside. The book pulls colourful ideas to the forefront and makes my fingers itch… let’s see where it leads! Thank you Elinor for your thoughtful birthday surprise. This is a gift that will keep on inspiring and giving.

It was a birthday with many surprises. Colin gave me an AppleTV and I have been hooked on advertisement-free programs. I found the mini-series “The Miniaturist” based on the book by Jessie Burton. I read the book years ago and loved it. The mini-series was produced by PBS and is just amazing! Watch it, if you have not discovered it already!

I am actively engaged in some serious escapism… who can blame us from doing so during these precarious political times? …

May 2020 be a year filled with continued good health, fresh ideas, creativity, peace and renewed hope for us all!

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5 thoughts on “The New Year…

  1. So glad you are keeping busy now that the deep freeze has arrived. Good book. I did read the Miniaturist and also saw the mini series. Very excellent. Wishing you and Colin the best for 2020. Hope to see you in Saskatoon some time. Lotus know and I can get a group together for a visit.

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  2. The book looks like a real delight!!

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  3. Denise Kelly on said:

    Hi Anna, I LOVED The Miniaturist!! I had hoped they would continue the story but, alas…..!
    Your birthday book looks very interesting! Happy Birthday!!
    Much peace, love, kindness and radiant health to us all!!

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    • Yes, the mini series was soooo good that it called for continuation. But the book stopped there as well and there is no sequel. Have you read “The Hare with Amber Eyes”? Another all-time favourite of mine! I could barely put that book down!


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