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The Challenge…

WordPress has done it again… change their interface and I just lost the entire last post I created! From what I can see, I no longer have the ability to create slide shows and I have to upload one image at a time. Can I just share with you how frustrated I am? Thanks for listening – rant over! Please bear with me as I navigate the new interface and overcome the struggle.

Today’s post is all about challenges. This creative challenge was issued by a friend who gathers a few friends for a special pre-Christmas dinner each year. In December 2018, while we gathered over pre-dinner appetizers, Debbie brought out a selection of printed panels with art by Gustav Klimt.

Most of you know that I have spent a good amount of time during my City & Guilds education researching and creating a body of work based on Gustav Klimt’s “golden period”. Debbie’s challenge to us was to create “something” with the panels. After choosing a favourite panel design, then trading someone to ensure they we were all sufficiently inspired, we agreed on bringing back the work at the next Christmas gathering.

Life happens, and as a result the deadline was extended to June 2020 mid-November 2019. I had just returned home from my trip to Germany, was fighting serious jet lag and at the same time was busy “house and studio breaking” a new puppy. I welcomed the extension despite the fact that I had started to cut out a jacket patterns that would prominently feature the art panel.

Once the deadline was extended I relaxed a bit and I am so glad I did. These days I am forging ahead with the jacket and by the time I was able to fully focus on the Tree of Life panel I realized that it called out for embellishments! However, beads would impact the jacket’s comfort so I limited myself to stitching. Simple running and seed stitches using cotton floss and metallic machine embroidery thread have added wonderful texture and subtle interest to the back panel of the jacket. See for yourself:

And yes, eagle eyes! There is some bearding from the ultra-thin polyester batting which was annoying to say the least but I am hopeful that it won’t be too distracting once the jacket is completed.

I am on to the other pieces of the jacket and will be posting more as I progress. This is the perfect project while getting my new studio assistant used to her environment. At the moment she enjoys watching cars entering and exiting the community and finding corners to take naps in. I made her a comfy dog bed months ago… but this fluffy dog really likes the bare floor.

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7 thoughts on “The Challenge…

  1. kitloewen on said:

    This is wonderful Anna! I love it!! And seeing Ash beside your gorgeous window “covering” reminds me how much I love that too!!


  2. This is so inspiring Anna. I found myself buying lots of various threads at QuiltCon. You have just encouraged me to get them out!


  3. Judith K. Hindle on said:

    Aah, such lovely stitching, colours and patterns. This seems to be an inspirational antidote for certain WP problems that are so annoying – my sympathies about those.


  4. Shirley on said:

    You are so inspiring Anna. I was going to keep up with the ripped jean fashion and wear my 100% soft wool cardigan with one elbow thread bare and running stitches right down to the wrist but then i thought I have a better idea. I took two of your burgundy patch samples from your Persian rug study and stitched them on. One on each elbow and it looks gorgeous on this dark green sweater. I felt proud of recycling and of my new fashion statement. It is a start for me. Thinking of you, just staying warm and sketching lots. My art classes have been very good, hopefully they will take me to another level. Cheers


  5. Katina on said:

    I love embellishing with thread. So good for the soul. I wish I had clothes making in my wheelhouse, but alas all previous attempts have ended in disaster. Mahone Bay Guild have a slow stitching get together at a local restaurant. Too far for me to travel in winter but good that this important process continue. Looking forward to seeing your creation.


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