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This made my day!!!

Hi Anna, 
You and your kantha book were my inspiration for this little pouch! The I-sew-lation and tv marathons during these crazy days made this possible too! Thanks!
Here’s to staying healthy by being at home! Cheers! 
Linda S. K.

Opening up my emails this morning the above images and message put an instant smile on my face! Thanks to Linda for sharing!

The second great thing was an unexpected phone call from our good friends in Moncton. It was great to hear their voices and catch up. They are hunkered down just like we are. Staying safe and keeping others safe is our motto.

My friend fills her days cooking, baking and watching TV with the exception of grabbing a coffee each morning and driving up “the mountain” to an empty parking lot overlooking the city of Moncton. That report got me thinking of what activities everyone has incorporated during this time of adjustment.

My list has grown and keeps expanding. I have seen requests to quilters and sewers for sewing surgical masks. Here is such a link if you are interested. Keep in mind that each hospital, each health region has their individual requirements and often will provide a pattern for the sewers.

I have been in touch with so many of you via email over the past few days. Any quilter is happily buried in their studio exploring their stash. The only worry some have expressed that the quarantine will outlast the size of their stash… and then what do we do? Have you thought about trading some fabrics with like-minded people? Or purchasing some fabrics from a friend? Or gifting a friend a length of fabric and adding a challenge theme? The ideas are truly endless! I don’t have a huge stash personally but I know how to make it last. For example: Instead of using all machine quilting to finish the quilt quickly why not add some hand embellishments and embroidery? Oh yes, I still have that machine embroidery attachment for my Bernina neatly stored in a box… this would be the time to bring it out and explore its features and possibilities… I am not there yet. I did start a new quilt yesterday. The inspiration came from a sentence that popped into my head… “Building Bridges”. I will share my progress soon!

Despite disconnecting from our satellite TV provider in mid January I stay informed via the news feed on my phone. I can much better regulate what I want to read and which news story just amplifies thoughts of worry and anxiety. So far I am doing well. One very good article about Social Distancing (Source: The Ottawa Citizen) came across my feed that I thought would be worthwhile sharing. Click here if you want to read it for yourself.

Have you heard of FLOW Magazine? It is published in the Netherlands. I am on the mailing list. A couple of days ago they shared that they will make some of their colouring pages available to download for free. Colouring is one of these meditative activities that can help us stay in the moment and not dwell on situations we have no control over.

Here is a link to one such colouring page, and here is the link to their blog.

FLOW’s email sent me down the proverbial rabbit hole… Here are some more links for colouring and Mandala drawing some of you might find of interest:

Mandala Blog:

From colouring books and pages it was only a little side trip to exploring book binding. Many friends have embarked on this rewarding art form. Here are a few links I located while exploring the net:

I can’t make the next link active, so just copy and past this link into your browser to get to the blog:

From drawing and colouring as meditative practice it is only a short little jump to hand embroidery. Here are a few links that will help newbies:

The Basics:

Keep in mind that hand embroidery is a vast topic steeped in history! If you want to go down that “rabbit hole” count on spending countless hours and ooohhh and aaaahhhh moments! 😉

I think I will close on that note today. I have more ideas and informative links on my list. But, with no end to social distancing in sight I will check in over the weekend and bring you additional ideas and suggestions.

Here is a reminder: In my last post I asked for input regarding online workshop content. Thank you to those who have already contributed to a growing ideas folder. Please refrain from suggesting the delivery method at this time. A couple of people mentioned Zoom as one such method, however, I don’t believe I can easily connect by that method as the dreaded satellite connection is our only means to enjoy internet connectivity at this time and bandwidth is very limited. Delivering workshops via a satellite connection is a great idea but the logistics are not always clear, as is its reliability! For now I will concentrate on workshop content, then I will worry about the way to deliver that content. Who knows, perhaps we are able to sell our property this year yet and move to a centre where I can easily connect to a FibreOptics network. Please keep the ideas coming! I am compiling a list!

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4 thoughts on “This made my day!!!

  1. Denise Kelly on said:

    Indeed, it’s a time to clean up loose ends, to do the things one always puts off, to begin new projects!! I am going to paint 🎨 & 🏙

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  2. Hi Anna, just back from my lovely walk in the valley. Went with a neighbour and we kept a good 6 Ft. apart and yelled at each other. We are reflecting that we are not getting done much on our lists because of the time we are spending keeping in touch with others (good), with the Prime Minister and CBC.
    When I read the comment in your blog that some are concerned that the quarantine might outlast their stash it took my breath away. I know that projects started and stash and ideas for new projects could easily fill two more lifetimes for me.
    My problem will be sticking to the list and not getting seduced by all the ideas on line for new join a daily group and progress together.
    Thanks for taking your precious time to keep in touch with so many of us through your blog.

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    • These are early days of social distancing… once we get into more of a routine we will naturally become more focused and apply our creative energy to work already started or new work that will stretch us to use the stash😃
      That’s my personal theory… anyone’s opinion counts while discussing this topic!😌


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