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Sunday Check In

To be a child again… oblivious to the world and how quickly things can change… Anni, my grand-niece was enjoying a walk in nature yesterday and I was instantly envious of the green field she was running through.

In contrast I just have to share what I saw on my walk yesterday afternoon.

The texture is intriguing… but the colour is less inspiring. I ventured into the hills behind our property. It’s definitely suitable for social isolation. I didn’t meet anybody on my walk.

Even a careful search for little green shoots and buds changing colours on the trees and bushes was in vain. At least te sky was blue and the air without pollution!

It’s still a little chilly overnight and this shaded puddle bears witness to the below zero temperatures.

While walking yesterday I decided to share some links for those of you interested in contemplative photography. Many of you know that I practice Nalanda Miksang (Miksang meaning “The Good Eye”). Here are a few sources you might find interesting.

Original Canadian Site:

Our local Moose Jaw group has a blog as well. Have a look at the images and topics we have covered over the past few years. I am currently trying to come up with a solution on how to deliver the scheduled May workshop virtually instead of cancelling it altogether…

Last but not least: If you are mobility restricted, think about a small area in your house or sewing room that you could explore… here is one such image taken in the studio a couple of days ago.

Enjoy the rest of the day!

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