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Listening to my inner voice to create with abandon…

Building Bridges, 24.5” h x 29.5” w

I promised I would check in as I make progress on my new design! I actually finished it just before midnight last night. I am calling the piece “Building Bridges”.

Where did the inspiration come from? I used a commercial batik as the background and cut strips from my hand-dyed fabrics that would connect the batik colours. Yes, it was super simple, even the quilting was straight forward. To add more interest I decided to use hand embroidery to lend more texture and depth to the coloured bars. This did not take a lot of time, didn’t stress me out in any way, allowed for regular daily walks and food prep… all around I just went with the flow.

Here are a couple of close up images for further inspection:

I have more of the fabric. It was one of these batiks you think you can’t live without and then you forgot you had already purchased the same fabric a while back… yes, it happens to all of us🤗.

I am already planning the companion piece and will share once I make progress.

Stay safe! Create with abandon and embrace challenges!

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4 thoughts on “Listening to my inner voice to create with abandon…

  1. Paula Jolly on said:

    Love the piece, love the name. And love that you bought two!!!!!! As we all have😁


  2. Helene on said:

    It’s a beauty! I love the simplicity yet it isn’t simple at all. Lovely!

    Liked by 1 person

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