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Quarantine you ask?? An Opportunity to Learn, I say!

When life gives us lemons, make lemonade! Are you finding things to do? Are you still spring cleaning or are you running low on finishing UFOs?

I have gone down the proverbial rabbit hole and am exploring possibilities of teaching on line. The opportunities are endless… but things are beginning to crystallize a little. And, it’s time I get my feet wet!

Many of you recall that photography is a passion of mine and nearly three years ago my friend Vaughn and I were certified as Nalanda Miksang instructors (we remain the only two instructors for the prairie provinces). We have organized and conducted several in-person Miksang workshops and we were actively preparing for the annual workshop in Moose Jaw when “sheltering in place” became a thing. Over the past two weeks we have put our heads together and we hatched a plan:

On May 2nd & 3rd, 2020 we are going ahead and will present our first virtual workshop for up to 8 participants. Why am I sharing this here today? I know there were a few people who have contacted me in the past expressing interest. But, so often the distance was an issue or conflicting events like family gatherings and weddings. 2020 is different and with that we are stepping up to work through the obstacles we cannot control. Perhaps Miksang will enrich your life as much as it has enriched ours.

Are you still interested in developing your good eye (Miksang, from the Tibetan)? All you need for this workshop is a basic camera or your phone. Yes, really! Here is a direct link to the Nalanda Miksang Moose Jaw page. We are all set to receive registrations and accept e-transfer for your convenience. Don’t wait too long as we are capping numbers at 8. We already have three registrations… and advertising has just begun.

May this post bring you some excitement! Why not sign up and acquire skills to see the world with new eyes. If you have immediate questions, feel free to leave a comment below or email me directly.

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