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The Days Flow Into Each Other…

…or is this just my impression. Never before have I had to really check on what day it is. Perhaps this is a good thing because it makes me slow down and focus a little more on what I am doing. I am trying to practice mindfulness.

Without these images, we would have missed Easter…

…but thanks to Eliana and Sebastian we received some virtual eggs and were treated to a video of their Easter egg hunt.

Closer to home, and with less than balmy spring weather, I converted Ash into our Easter Bunny pup… 😉 for the day. Have we really been sheltering in place a little too long?

Most of last week I spent reviewing my Miksang notes and creating a number of detailed handouts with supporting images to be used during the upcoming online workshop. It feels good to do some writing, even if it just technical writing. My fingers are actually itching to get back to the novel I started a little over years ago… Maybe quarantine time is going to be writing time for me? We shall see.

My camera had a bit of a workout over the weekend while gathering sample images for the handouts in our house and during the long walks I took. Here are a few examples:

The wind here has been fierce and I am very grateful that I have full control over the migraines from the past. Otherwise I would have spent the last month mostly in a dark room trying to find relief from the pain. These days I make myself brave the elements. In the beginning it takes great will power when I push against the strong north and west winds bringing with them icy cold and unpleasant dust. But, after a while I hardly feel the wind as I forge on and look for ways to take advantage of the wind direction, helping me exert less energy by having the wind gusts approaching my back. Yes, mind over matter has been the motto lately and while I contemplate how soon I can turn around and call it a day I am always glad I manage to walk at least 10 km each day. I have noticed that my fitness level has improved. Yesterday my pedometer showed that I navigated 12 km and the equivalent of 68 floors while I hiked in the hills behind our house with coyotes howling in the distance.

Speaking of photography, a couple of weeks ago came the request for a simple camera, one that can handle a little abuse. Sebastian was continually taking his parents smart phones to make images. Imagine my excitement. Colin and I unearthed my first digital point and shoot camera from 2005 (7.2 MegaPixel – wow!), and after ensuring that it still worked we sent it off to BC. Can you tell how excited he was when it arrived:

During our Good Friday video phone call initiated by Sebastian he demonstrated to us how he frames and creates his images, flash and all. (The next photo we received of Sebastian in action was of him in the nude, taking a picture of his sister holding up some flower patterned summer pants… I will spare you the sight but you can just imagine how we laughed!) The 1 GB card that came with the camera is full but I think he is more interested in framing and making the images rather than viewing them. I can’t wait to take him out on a Miksang excursion when we are free to move about the country like we did in the past.

How is the mask making production going? I want to tip my virtual hat to all of you sewers! I have heard from so many of you. Thank you for helping those who are unable to sew. Your family, friends and condo neighbours (to name a few recipients) are very fortunate! I am impressed about how you are sourcing your materials. I am currently out of elastic but if absolutely necessary I learned of one source most of us have in the garage or back of the trunk in the car… locate and cut open a bungee cord and you have elastics for countless more masks! I have only made a total of 13 masks. Our bachelor neighbour mentioned that he did want to use his wood working masks in public. I offered to make him two fully washable fabric masks (and used up the last of the elastic in my stash). I decided, for a man in mid-70s living at the lake (with his cute little Yorkie pup) he would perhaps like the hand-dyed fabrics instead of flowery prints. 😉

And that’s the kind of weekend we have had! I am in contact with Germany on a regular basis. So far everyone there (friends and family) are well and sheltering in place when they can. The weather there has been quite beautiful and Anni has had a great time playing outside. Last week her mom introduced shaving cream in the play kitchen which immediately became “ice cream for the baby”.

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2 thoughts on “The Days Flow Into Each Other…

  1. 46eileen on said:

    I so enjoyed the children’s photos, Anna, not to mention yours. You are correct. There is a sameness to each day. I check the calendar every morning just to know the day of the week. Very glad to hear that you & Colin are doing well, as are Bud & I. I’m going to be heading out to the greenhouse as it warms up. Right now I’m finishing quilting UFO’s which I’m quite enjoying. Keep well my friend.

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