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Can’t get enough…

When the news arrived mid-week that our province is lifting social isolation measures in May my immediate thought was “Oh no!!! I have so much more I wanted to do…”

One of things I have been concentrating on is the state of my physical fitness. Everything I read about overcoming Covid19 (when we get it) tells me that optimal health is imperative. I have been on a path to optimal health for the last couple of years. After getting diagnosed with insulin resistance and hypoglycaemia a year ago this weekend, I jumped into action and completely changed my way of eating. I have become a committed follower of the Carnivore way of eating and have never felt better! Not only was I able to fully reverse my poor metabolic condition within three months by last summer I found my quality of life improved dramatically! No more migraines, no more fibromyalgia symptoms, no food cravings, boundless energy and no more mood swings and periods of depression. I am celebrating my one year Carnivore anniversary this weekend by kicking things up a notch. For the last three days I have put my fitness level to the test. On my pedometer app I have one award that called out to me, the mountain climber award. I have walked between 18 and 20 km three days in a row and climbed the equivalent of between 105 and 116 floors hiking in the hills behind our property. I call this “social distancing at its finest”. Here are screen shots of the results:

I wasn’t walking with my head down… the last three days had varying weather, including strong winds and rain yesterday! However, my iPhone was never out of reach. I took full advantage of the changing light, clear and cloudy sky and capturing my natural surroundings.

Here is your chance to catch a glimpse of what I witnessed:

And just in case you love the prairie crocus… I could not get enough of them either!

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

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8 thoughts on “Can’t get enough…

  1. Joyce on said:

    Great pics Anna! The one with the lone tree and the cloudy sky down to the ground really spoke to me! Love the crocuses too! Although I realize you are not on the flat prairies I love the big skies and puffy clouds and they take me back to when I was a child. Thanks for the memories!

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    • … but we are on the flat prairie in south central Saskatchewan. People who have visited always wonder why we would choose to live here. As you drive north of Moose Jaw toward our place you travel on the super flat prairie… until, about 500 meters along our access road you descend into the western edge of the Qu’Appelle Valley.😁


  2. Cathy Willoughby on said:

    Wonderful photos Anna.My husband and I have been getting out for a walk most days but nowhere near your accomplishments. Still,,seeing the trees budding and hearing the birds singing lifts our spirits.


    • Isn’t it great to see spring in action?? I am sure your area is much further ahead. It felt like spring would never arrive here this year! So glad you are getting out on daily walks. Exercise makes all the difference.


  3. Patsy Noyes on said:

    Great photos!


    • Thanks, Patsy.


    • Cathy kieffer on said:

      Hi Anna in Austria we gave had a complete lock down since mid March. The only thing people were allowed to do was go to doctors and go to grocery store or pharmacy everything else was closed including going for walks in the parks This last week we had some smaller stores open and you could go for walks in your neighborhood The un was closed on the 15th of March and will start slowly allowing people back in after the 4th. Our office is one of the last to be allowed back in as we are volunteers. So maybe sometime in June we will get back in . This year I am incharge of the charity projects and needless to say there is a lot of need in the world now for basics and because a lot of charities are run by volunteers the help has deminished. Social distancing is the norm here along with wearing facemasks to stores with stores limiting number of people in them . Rom and I have been lucky not to get the bug. We have mainly been working in the garden and I have been working on ufo projects. Spring has been cool here but now we are getting into the high teens and low 20s. No moisture in lots of areas so farmers will be hurting. Glad to hear you are well and back on the fitness track I have to do the same as the last 2 years I have problems with knees and sciatic which brought things to a stand still but now I feel better so will get active again.


      • Thanks for the update, Cathy! It is so good to hear that you are safe. Saskatchewan is also following the quarantine measure but I am so fortunate to be living somewhat remote. I have only encountered one other person once while exploring the hills and he was a good 50 meters away descending another hill. Iv not sure how I would make out living in a city right now. Stay well and stay safe!


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