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When I take a brief break from the computer…

…and open one of my fabric stash cupboards the creative juices begin to flow! Another good reason for exploring some of my summer-weight dress materials was the beautiful warm weather we have been enjoying. I decided to augment my summer wardrobe!

The blue dress is made from a light-weight cotton knit, the black and yellow dress used up some yellow linen scraps combined with a medium-weight black cotton knit. Two summer dresses in three days… bring on more summer heat!

Some of you have been inquiring about Ash. She is doing great! She will be nine months next week. We are waiting for some clippers and then we will put the grooming table Colin built to the test. Meanwhile, she loves spending time outside supervising Colin doing yard work. She equally enjoys spending time in the studio with me. She particularly loves watching the road and the lake through the large picture windows that reach to the floor. She has matured very nicely but I am sure she will enjoy her first playtime with other pups once we can meet up with friends.

I still head out for my walks every day. Spring has truly sprung… and the brief rain on Tuesday has really helped!

Stay safe! Stay creative! Stay in touch!

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2 thoughts on “When I take a brief break from the computer…

  1. Cathy Willoughby on said:

    We may not have the prairie crocus but the Ontario dandelions are blooming everywhere!


  2. Helene on said:

    Beautiful dresses Anna. I love your style! And your pup! Your photos make me pine for the Big Prairie. I just finished Bill Waiser’s The World We Have Lost ,a history of Sask before 1905. Your photo take me there.

    Big hugs to you both


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