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And How Was YOUR Last Weekend?

I know, I am a little late with that question because the next weekend is upon us already. I am asking the question anyways because I have some exciting news to share! Drum roll please… This is the 881st post on this blog… and the news is exciting indeed.

With Covid-19 our lives are forever evolving and we do our very best to adapt. Humans are great at adapting, don’t you agree? History shows us how we evolved in the way we sheltered and how we changed over time to meet our nutritional needs and grow our brains. Why should it be any different now? I have heard some undercurrents that we are perhaps beginning to run out of projects (I did say perhaps…) and we are craving a little additional stimulation. Or maybe, a workshop you were planning to attend was cancelled or postponed. We miss our friends despite picking up the phone to connect via voice and video one-on-one.

Luckily there are other options and families all across the globe have embraced these versions. At first there was Skype. Now there are numerous platforms to explore group gatherings where we not only connect via voice but also face-to-face via video. I know some of you have embraced this option to have virtual coffee, a choir and/or ukulele practice. I just love how people are beginning to think out of the box, throw caution and reservation to the wind and embrace the unknown.

Why am I rattling on about this when I first asked how your last weekend was? Well, my last weekend was filled with a little bit of learning, a whole lot of teaching and meeting up with people from across Saskatchewan and Toronto. And it was exciting and wonderful to test a new teaching format.

My Miksang teaching partner and I fully embraced this way of bringing like-minded people together to learn. If you are interested in more details, click here and read my detailed report. You can also find some pertinent feedback at the bottom of the Workshop page here that might boost confidence in Zoom workshops.

And again you ask, why is she going on about this here? Let me share with you for the first time officially that I have been exploring ideas and narrowing down options for online mentoring and teaching. I realize the field is vast and many textile art instructors have taken to the virtual classroom quickly and successfully. They have seamlessly (pun intended 😉 ) integrated online classes and their audience has embraced the opportunities presented.

I always knew that the 100 participant seminar for a nominal fee is not for me. Those of you who have met me through workshops, seminars and Art Quilt Residency know that individual contact and feedback is my biggest strength. A special thank you goes to those of you who have taken the time in person and via email to convey your preferences after I asked in a previous blog post what would be of interest.

Earlier today I updated my website with a few details. Why don’t you have a look here and let me know what you think. Wishing you all a fantastic weekend… It’s supposed to be a wet one here but that suits me fine! I am in planning mode! Changing the background colour and header image on the blog as well as adding the new Virtual Workshop Page are only the beginning… Can’t wait to get some feedback!

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