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Working on Details…

…a little more each day!

Thank you to all who have taken the time to email me after the last post where I announced new endeavors for those interested in online consultations and the possibilities of workshops. If you missed it, check it out here. I keep adding new things regularly!

I really appreciate the emails as they were filled with great suggestions and some valuable input. At the moment I am concentrating on providing individual and small group consultations that pertain to a person’s studio practice and where I might answer questions and provide sound advice on how to move forward with future exhibition plans.

While designing the new page it became apparent that the new WordPress interface will not allow me to upload the necessary questionnaire to tailor the consultation session to the person(s) interested. So, here is the revised plan: If you, or a small group of artists, express interest and want to book a consultation session I will dispatch the questionnaire and an invoice for the amount stated on the consultation page ($ 60/individual or $60/group of 3) via email. Once communication is established between us we can set a mutually agreeable time.

When will the workshops begin? I will be honest, those who contacted me over the past few days all shared the insight that workshops will be very welcome once summer is moving on and the cooler and wetter days of fall arrive. That suits me just fine! I am happy to put some of these workshops off till we are all more house bound and ready to spend longer hours in the studio.

With that in mind: Each day brings new challenges and ideas. Aside from the somewhat stressful activity of getting groceries once a week… life is good! Keep your ideas coming! I am always here to listen!

Wishing all of you a fabulous long weekend. I am looking forward to some sunshine that lasts more than a couple of hours. Take care, stay safe and stay connected!

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4 thoughts on “Working on Details…

  1. Helene on said:

    This all sounds terrific!


    • Helene on said:

      Anna, I have to tell you that every time you post one of your pulsatilla photos it brings me right back into the Prairie dirt and the joy I felt every time I came upon one. So I have ordered one and it will go by my front door so I can squeal in delight when I see it and I’ll think of the Prairies…. Have a terrific weekend.


      • Oh Helene, I had no idea the images delight you so! I take hundreds each year! They are a sign of spring for me – nothing makes my heart beat faster than when I see them appear in the hills behind our property.🥰


    • Glad you approve!


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