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Spring has arrived…

I am spending a few moments outside appreciating the joyful bird song all around! Among the robins and Mourning Pidgeon’s (which always make me a bit sad), there are Baltimore Orioles and Yellow Finches chirping away. It has been a few years since we had such lovely sound effects in our yard.

How was everyone’s weekend? For me it was quite productive in and out of the studio. But what made me happiest was hearing from two important people in our lives. First I received this photograph on Sunday:

Our grand-daughter Eliana has discovered the sewing machine! She looks very intent and is concentrating hard. Until last week she showed no interest in seeing… but I think that has changed! She turns six later this week and I have a sewing machine set aside for her… but delivery is out of the question right now since travel out of province is not an option. So, delivery will have to wait…

The second person getting in touch was my 23 year old niece and god-daughter. She lives in Germany and due to Covid19 measures she wanted a new hobby. She borrowed her future mother-in-law’s sewing machine and is trying her hand at making simple bags. According to her voice message, the sewing bug has bitten! She will be investing in her own sewing machine once the Corona virus has abated. Apparently, sewing machine prices in Germany have sky rocketed… everyone is making masks for extra income and sewing machines are scarce. Who would have thought??? A few years ago I was approached to teach a class in my home town but very few people owned or had access to a machine. I was told that five people would be sharing a machine for a quilting class… needless to say: I didn’t pursue that teaching opportunity. Perhaps, in times following Corona measures, teaching a quilting class in my hometown would be a possibility… 😜

Speaking of teaching: inquiries for online consultations are arriving in my inbox. I am humbled and grateful. The questionnaires are ready, just in case you are considering trying this method of learning.

Wishing you a glorious day! Here in Saskatchewan select businesses are opening their doors to the public today. I will be sporting my super dense new mask (4 layers of tightly woven cotton with an extra layer for tissue) while visiting my brave hair stylist. She has suggested I go with the masses and no longer colour my hair… I asked for lenience in making that decision to see how I look after the haircut… stay tuned. You may not recognize me after today.

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4 thoughts on “Spring has arrived…

  1. Brenda Turner on said:

    Hello Anna, How I loved all the spring flower photos. Didsbury is still waiting for flowers, although there are a few tulip buds that look promising if I can keep the deer and moose away. It’s delightful to see that your sewing bug is being passed on through Nicole to your granddaughter. Delightful! It seems like Nicole was this age not so long ago. Over the Easter weekend, I reconnected with Peggy Beere and Ruth McMurtry, through email. Those Calgary days seem so long ago. Hello to Colin, and enjoy the arrival of spring to the prairie. Brenda

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    • Hello Brenda, always good to hear from you!! Hope spring is only a few days away for you and you are surrounded by flowers soon!
      Yes, Calgary days appear so long ago… and with Covid19 measures who knows when we can visit friends and family again…
      Stay safe and stay well!


  2. Hi Anna, beautiful photographs. I would love to know the names of the flowers.


  3. Hi Anna, beautiful photographs. Are they all wild flowers? I would love to know the names.


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