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Cloud Spotting and Other Fun Activities…

You guessed it, we have had some spectacular skies lately… a good number of tornado warnings (that amounted to nothing here at Buffalo Pound Lake) but those tornado warnings are not foreign to us this time of the year. We are always grateful when the threatening storms bypass us.

The images I am sharing above are a compilation of several days, captured during evening walks with my pup and/or my neighbour. They were just taken with my iPhone as that is all I carry when I venture out.

A new sketchbook… ideas are flowing!

The rest of the time I have been busy in the studio. Between Miksang group ZOOM meetings to review assignments, new research on and off line, locating books long ago packed and retrieving some tools from work I started about six years ago I have been focused. Time just flies!

A trip to Saskatoon last week (a medical appointment for Colin and for me and Ash to connect with a couple of friends), connecting with long-time friends from Calgary days last Saturday and Sunday I feel it is time to return to the studio with more ideas, resources and renewed energy. Oh yeah, I almost forgot the regular interruptions for property showings that are more distracting and usually rather disappointing; not to mention the colossal amount of time wasted with cleaning, yard work and staging the property, only to be told that this or that is not quite to their liking… last time it was “He really liked the property, but she didn’t know what to do with the extra space (the studio)…” Really, people? My assessment: there is a lack of imagination in today’s buyers! We wait some more… and get ready for another winter at the lake.

There is not much to blog about these days but that’s OK. Once I have some new creations to share I will return to regular posts. For now I am enjoying summer. The weather is great, rain, thunder and lighting are most welcome to help cool things off. But just in case my pup should overheat we picked up a kiddy pool for the hotter days.

This Mayfly in July greeted me last week when I pulled up the blinds in the studio! It measured about 2″ and was something I had never seen here before. It’s great to discover new “wildlife”…

Hope your summer is going well! Enjoy the sunshine and embrace every moment while staying safe! Take care, I will be posting again soon, Anna

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4 thoughts on “Cloud Spotting and Other Fun Activities…

  1. Cathy Willoughby on said:

    Love the cloud pics Anna. My Dad, originally from Edmonton, taught me about clouds when I was young. I need to brush up on them now.

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  2. Cathy Willoughby on said:

    Love the cloud pics Anna. My Dad, originally from Edmonton, taught me to recognize cloud types when I was young. I need to brush up on them though.

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  3. Jacqueline Irene Van Fossen on said:

    Anna your cloud photos are terrifice – oh we prairie people. Mark and I had a trip to Calgary this past weekend and I too did cloud spotting though no photos. A storm followed us home but we were travelling hwy 21 so just a few spots of rain. Airdrie had snow – and its July. I love the canola flowering season and have to figure out some textile work to incorporate that lovely yellow.
    Hope you are well.

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    • Thanks for the note! Yes, we have had some amazing clouds lately. I heard about the Snow, in fact I saw a picture on FB… I do remember snow in early July 1981… the summer our daughter was born. The prairies never cease to amaze us…


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