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The Vintage Camper Transformation…

…or “how to attempt to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear”…

It’s been quite a couple of weeks of long hours in extreme heat where the small space felt like a sauna within 5 minutes or less. Just before the weekend we actually finished the camper transformation inside and out!

I had a few requests to share images of the transformation. The camper is from 1975, a true vintage model. In the 13 years we have lived here I never set foot into the space just because I was worried about mice and big fat spider webs that belong into haunted houses at the Calgary Stampede Midway. All that worry was not necessary. When work started on the camper I was pleasantly surprised by how clean the interior was and best of all, no evidence of mice or other vermin. Yeah, a real bonus!

In early June I brought out the bucket, a new scrubby, the ladder and warm water with vinegar to give the outside a deep cleaning. The shell was in great shape and after the scrub session I was keen to apply Tremclad paint (recommended by a friend!). I chose “Recreational White” and “Silver” and am pleased about how well it matches the house and studio and now it blends in much better with its natural surroundings.

Colin had started the gutting process a little while earlier and was faced with more work than applying a little water and elbow grease… He removed the kitchen (with it’s questionable appliances) and the framed bathroom section (because it was not clear if the toilet was still functional). We decided to gut as much as possible. He removed the large wall to place proper insulation and install drywall for a smooth finish. He also fixed some rotted sections in the floor and pulled all new wiring for the energy efficient LED lights. Here are some of the images of that more or less hellish transition:

Once the drywall was mudded and sanded I could finally break out the primer. Some areas in the roof had been replaced after it was carefully sealed to prevent future leaks,. When I set foot into the space last week Saturday to begin the long process of priming I had my doubts that I could pull this together and make it look as inviting as I had seen it in my mind’s eye for weeks. The painting process was long and hot! When it is 32 C outside it takes less than 3 minutes to feel like you are in a sauna. I persevered because I could detect the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel!

At about midnight on Thursday we closed up the camper to head to bed. The painting was done, the new flooring installed and baseboards affixed. On Friday morning I added a few items to make the space more homey and complete the extra sleeping space for potential guests I had envisioned.

Are we done with everything? Not quite! Colin has purchased the supplies to install a roof over top of the camper to prevent potential snow and ice build up on the camper roof that may weaken the seals. We have experienced this in our A-Liner travel trailer and since we are aware of the potential of leaks we do not want to jeopardize our hard work and investment. The other part that is still on the agenda before the snow flies is the little deck leading to the camper. It needs to be replaced. Colin is confident that I will not take much to get that job completed.

That’s it for now! Today is Ash’s birthday… she is enjoying her pup cakes (left over from yesterday’s party with her buddy Tiger) and some time on the couch. She is such a princess!

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