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Life, and its agenda…

As this post goes public I will be on a ZOOM call with textile arts friends across Western Canada. It’s about 7 pm and after greetings and sharing show and tell I will share some news myself.

The last couple of weeks have been super busy. We welcomed our newest member to the family, little Teak is nearly 11 weeks old. He was born on July 8th.

Teak, also known as my little Tasmanian Devil. he gets fierce when I pull out the comb or run the water for his bath. He is sweet and stubborn, not at all unexpected when it comes to a ShihTzu!

Between trying to figure out the semblance of a schedule for house breaking, Ash (13 months) just started her second heat cycle. She has been so wonderful with Teak but now she is looking for some quiet places around the house to rest and let nature takes its course.

Ash, looking a little worse for wear despite her bath last night. Not sure about these panties, but she got used to them six months ago… she will again shortly.

What else could be going on between keeping puppies busy and nurtured, my participation in a online Miksang Contemplative Landscape Photography Course and every day life as we move into fall? There is only one thing that could happen, and that is the sale of our property…

Our realtor brought us buyers…

Yes, we sold our property… It has been a long and often disappointing, not to mention, frustrating process. I won’t elaborate. Some of you have followed along over the years. The sale was filled with ups and downs and the conditions were finally removed after three weeks of nail biting. The good news is that the house inspectors deemed our place a fantastic place to move into with NOTHING wrong (they even said they would move in themselves – our realtor was taken by complete surprise as she had never say anything like it in the past)! What a testament to Colin’s skill and perseverance and bottomless patience while listening to my constant suggestions for making “it” better. We can leave here with a good conscience knowing that we have made countless improvements and created a safe and sound place to live. 13 years… and no, it doesn’t quite seem like we moved here yesterday. 😉

Just in case you missed it in the picture above: The best red four-letter word I have seen in a long time!

What’s next? The Big Steel Box container arrived last week Monday and we have been busy loading it. My studio is taking up a lot of space… despite reducing my vast library 3 years ago and selling and giving away a good number of art pieces as well. I tried to go through several boxes in an effort to “get rid” of more stuff. But I quickly became overwhelmed. So, it’s coming with us.

The Big Steel Box container. We pack it ourselves, it gets stored in Regina till we can find out new home.

The bulk of my studio was packed up for three years (the last sale fell through in early August 2017), so there wasn’t much else to pack. I am now busy packing up the house.

Box mountain in the former dining area…

I am finding the house a little more difficult to pack up. We have decided to distribute most of our furniture among friends who had expressed interest in individual pieces. The sectional couch and ottoman are leaving the house on September 29th. The guest bedroom’s futon is already residing at a neighbour’s place. Our “FREE” corner along the road has been super well received with numerous appliances disappearing in the blink of an eye. I am sure you are not particularly interested in the details of whether furniture is coming or not.

In light of this development I see myself forced to postpone the start of online classes. I will continue with individual consultations as these are easier to fit into my days. Online workshops are still the plan but I want to get myself settled in a new studio space first. Thanks for your understanding!

Your question: Where are you going? is the elephant in the room. I thought about revealing our ultimate destination here today. However, I have second thoughts to be honest, as we have not bought a new place and perhaps the supply of places where we plan to rent for two months first starting October 15th will not meet with our expectations and needs… so, if you are interested make sure to subscribe to my blog posts or check back regularly. A little bit of mystery is always good, at least in my books it is!

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26 thoughts on “Life, and its agenda…

  1. Yay. After so long it finally happened. Sask will miss you and Colin. We will keep in touch tho. Good luck for the future. It has been a long haul but I am sure you both will settle in where ever you end up. Happy sailing. Leona. 😘😘🍷🍷🍷👌👌


  2. Woo-hoo!

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  3. carolegoldquilts on said:

    Congratulations! That IS big news. Good luck with your move, and may things work out just as you’ve envisioned. A dream come true!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Wonderful news Anna, starting a new adventure is always exciting!!!! Happy for both of you.

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  5. paulajolly on said:

    Great news! I’ll be watching your post to see where you plan to live!!

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  6. Janet Wilhelm on said:

    I am so happy for you and Colin. The sale has been a long time in coming and you have both done yeoman’s work to make it happen. The free sign works well. The best as you move forward.

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  7. Vivian Farrar on said:

    So happy for you – selling a house is often an emotionally charged event, but perhaps after the time it took for yours to sell, it became a little less so. I love the purging you are doing; such a practical and freeing act. ( for me anyway….I’m doing it daily, far more slowly, as we await our apartment to be built!) Enjoying email conversations over the years – about art quilt campus, the Stanton protocol, and your possible final destination to set up house – I take this opportunity to wish nothing but success and a smooth transition for you!

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  8. Regina Marzlin on said:

    Finally!! Congratulations, and I sure hope you are coming this way… good luck with the next stage and I hope you find a new home quickly.

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  9. Anna, so happy for you that the house has finally been sold and you can move along to your next adventure! Happy divesting, packing and hitting the road!

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  10. Congratulations on the house sale!!! So exciting!

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  11. Daphne Greig on said:

    Congratulations! Now…on to a new adventure.


  12. Shelley Hamilton on said:

    Well Anna and Colin,It has been a long frustrating experience selling your home. You two must just be giddy with future possibilities. Hope you consider Saskatoon, It is a great place to live. It would be great to visit more often but I bet lots of people are saying that to you. Anyway, congratulations!!!

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    • Thank you, Shelley. We would love to consider Saskatoon but unfortunately the offer in the house was pretty low and our budget just won’t allow us to move closer to you and Winston. We hope to come up to Saskatoon before we leave to see you in person!
      We are relieved the house is sold… adventure awaits!!


  13. herminajoldersma on said:

    Well! CONGRATULATIONS on selling the house! Yes, it HAS been a long time in the making but it’s finally happened, and that’s wonderful. And it’s a great adventure, not knowing where you’ll end up. Once you start looking, there are many wonderful places to rent, in wonderful locations.

    And it’s not a bad thing to divest oneself of life’s accumulated “stuff” in stages. I did it in three major ones – house to huge apartment (I believe you saw the apartment), huge apartment to two storage lockers, storage locker to smaller condo. At each stage I was ready to let go of things that I hadn’t been ready for previously.


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    • Thanks Minnie!! The corner of our property was the place to be since Saturday… people really took to the things we placed out there. Today my kitchen items (ceramic casserole dishes, serving platters, pottery bowls and utensils etc) garnered a lot of attention. It feels great to make someone’s day!! Over the weekend the small appliances disappeared within minutes from when I placed them there!😁


  14. Patsy Noyes on said:

    Congratulations, semi know the frustrations, our house took 7 months to sell. And yes we brought way too much to our condo, but at least I don’t have to make any rush decisions. We moved to our condo3 months after listing our house, I think I cried every day, so many hard decisions to make.


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