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We did it!

Call us focussed, crazy, adventuresome and thriving on stress and we would have to agree. The past four weeks have passed in a blur! Packing took longer than anticipated but thanks to Colin’s great puzzle skills we managed to get everything into the container we had intended to bring along. Furniture was distributed among friends who had expressed genuine interest and our old mattress was ceremoniously discarded. The container was picked up on Wednesday afternoon. It was a bit emotional to see it head up the hill. It will be in storage in Regina till we find our new home.

At the end we decided to let our beloved A-Liner camper go and trade it for an 18’ Zinger camper with a queen-sized bed and a bathroom! Talk about doing things at the last minute: we picked up the camper on Monday and pulled out of the driveway on Thursday morning (see picture at the beginning of this post) after pulling an all-nighter cleaning out the garage😉. It was confirmed that all-nighters are for the young in body!!

As a result, we ended up stopping briefly in Grenfell, SK for a rest as Colin was starting to get very sleepy by then. I need to mention also that the SE wind was so strong that we were fighting it constantly. By sunset we had arrived in Moosomin where we decided to make use of the campground just north of the town. it’s a great campground but we were happy to have a self-contained camper as the washrooms were closed. We had a much needed restful night and after a short morning walk the journey continued.

Yesterday the prairie wind blew from the west, yeah!!! That helped a lot and we zipped through Manitoba…

…after a brief photo op with Ash.

Close to sunset we crossed the Ontario border where it was too dark to stop and take a picture with the pups posing.

We pulled into our favourite campground in Kenora at 8 pm local time. After dinner for the pups and us I decided to go for a walk. It was a great decision!

Before we continued our trip this morning I took the pups out for another walk in daylight. I love this campground along the lake so much!!

And so the journey east continues! Just outside of Kenora a low flying Bald Eagle crossed the road right in front of us. The scenery is absolutely breath taking! We have travelled through here three times before but never at this time with the fall colours in full splendour! If you have not explored Canada consider a road trip from coast to coast. We did it in 2008 for the first time and I will say it again: Canada has everything the rest of the world has to offer (except Disneyland – if you are into that sort of thing…). But, if you appreciate unrivalled vistas and nature this is an experience you owe yourself!

Wishing all of you a Happy Canadian Thanksgiving weekend! Stay safe, stay well!!!

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36 thoughts on “We did it!

  1. How lovely to be able to do such an exciting trip! I visited Canada in 1994 with my lovely husband. If you read my blog you will know that he died of this Coronavirus and I’m devastated- but I have some great memories. Do enjoy your travels and savour every moment together x

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    • I am so sorry to read about the loss of your husband! My deepest sympathy to you and your family. I completely understand your devastation. Hold on to the precious memories! We savouring ours as we embark on the next chapter, a huge move across the country and navigating as safely as possible through the hot zones of corona virus in Canada. The camper has been our safe haven and we have been successful at staying isolated. Best wishes to you!

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  2. silkmaid on said:

    It sounds as though you are making good progress Anna, with wonderful scenery to boot. I hope you had enjoyed a pleasant Thanksgiving Day and all is going well.

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  3. It is good to know you are moving along steadily so far as we know now. Thank you for posting messages about your journey. After several days of lovely warm weather following your departure – despite the strong winds – the cold has finally descended. It was minus 3 in Regina this morning so we know now to don warmer clothes. It sounds as though you are continuing to enjoy wonderful scenery and reasonable temps. May they continue!

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  4. Shelley Hamilton on said:

    Hello Anna and Colin,
    I have to say…..what are you two doing??????This is a pandemic! You are heading into the worst outbreaks in Canada. Hope you are able to stay safe in your trailer, The second wave is on and I hope you two are good surfers.

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    • Thank you for your concern, Shelley. We are very aware of the crisis. But, with more showings during the pandemic than ever we managed to finally sell our property after four long years of frustration. With no home and everything packed up a rental property lined up in the east we are isolating as much as possible along the way. We have a Shell app that allows us to fill without human contact. We have been very successful thus far practicing physical distancing and isolation and will continue to do so. I took time to plan and prepare dinners, we have a good number of masks and countless wipes for disinfection purposes. We noticed that people in Manitoba and Northern Ontario are very careful wearing masks everywhere, much unlike where we came from.
      We have no plans to stop and visit friends along the way. We have our destination booked and feel confident we can weather this storm/wave/pandemic. Send us positive energy and wish us good luck. These are precarious times but life must go on. Best wishes to you and Winston.


  5. Kristin W on said:

    Hi Anna and Colin, Just wondering while you are going thru Northern Ont, would you like to spend a night or so at the cottage?.Lorne and Donna are up at the cottage now. Probably you are further east now?..? Or maybe Not?. K

    Sent from my iPad


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    • Thanks for the offer. We are in Ignace tonight after a trying day. We upgraded our camper so we can isolate as much as possible and it is definitely nice to feel safe passing through Ontario and Quebec this way. We have opted not to stop and visit with the many friends along the way. As it is, we have two weeks of mandatory isolation once we reach our destination.


  6. elinorburwashdesigns on said:

    You made amazing time yesterday zooming through Manitoba. Sorry to hear about the tire. Hope the landscape provides spectacular window dressing for Thanksgiving.

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    • Yes, what we gained yesterday we lost today. Such is life… stupid flat tire! Most disappointed in the road side assistance subcontracted by CAA. They didn’t show up in the three hours we struggled to release the spare and change the flat to the spare. We haven’t used CAA in over ten years and then we couldn’t count on it when we needed it most!


  7. Janet Wilhelm on said:

    Safe travels. I wonder where you will end up. I do remember what you told me many years ago. To both of you and the pups be well and enjoy.

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  8. Johanna Alford on said:

    Totally agree that our Canada is spectacular. We have travelled this land from coast to coast and the regions and climate changes are wonderful. Safe journey and wellcome to Nova Scotia.

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  9. Katina on said:

    Fingers and toes crossed that your journey has no more surprises.

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    • Thank you!!!
      So much for being a CAA member… the help never arrived. Colin managed to change the tire. We were fortunate that the Canadian Tire was opened willing to fix the tire on a long weekend Saturday. Hopefully this was the last difficulty along the way🤞🏻


  10. Linda J Burton on said:

    Fascinating to travel along with you in spirit. Best wishes. Linda and Bob

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  11. carolewles on said:

    I wanted to travel east this fall, but with COVID, that was not happening. Maybe next year. As you know we have travelled coast to coast many times and I agree with you that Canada has much to offer in the way of scenery and attractions. I always miss the fall colours, but the other day I saw a post which I immediately recognized as Cape Breton (apparently the BEST fall colours). If CAA arrives, soon you will be in Kathryn Cove. Please stop for a brief moment at Batchawana Bay, just for me. Stay Safe and Happy Travels !


  12. I so wanted to travel east this fall, but that was not going to happen with COVID. Maybe next year. As you know we have travelled coast to coast many times and I do agree with you that Canada has a lot to offer in the way of scenery and attractions. I always miss the fall colours in Ontario, but the other day I saw a post and recognized immediately that it was Cape Breton (apparently the BEST fall colours). Well, If CAA arrives, soon you will be in Kathryn Cove and please stop for a moment at Batchawana Bay just for me. Take Care & Stay Safe.


    • We are back driving… CAA never showed up so we did it ourselves. Trying to find a place in Dryden to get the tire fixed next. This set us way behind schedule for the day… will stop it your favourite places! Promise!!


  13. Wendy Klotz on said:

    Congratulations on selling your house and starting your new adventure. Heading for the Maritimes? If so, check out the music at Celtic Colours to get you in the mood!

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  14. Cathy Willoughby on said:

    Happy Thanksgiving Anna. Hope you got the flat changed.

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  15. Marie Rhodes on said:

    Great work ,you have been so busy and so organized . Happy THANKSGIVING…
    Think about you so often love you mail,
    Marie Rhodes

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  16. Vivian Farrar on said:

    Welcome to the east – whenever you arrive and wherever you land…!! Perhaps we shall meet in person someday, after all.
    Safe travels!

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  17. Very exciting for you both!! Does this mean you are headed east for your home to be? All the best!!

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  18. 46eileen on said:

    And so another chapter of your life journey begins. I’ve been thinking of you all week & wondering about whether you were still in good old Saskatchewan. I’m so glad to know that you have a self contained unit for travel. I know you were concerned about that. It looks pretty spiffy by the way. Drive safe. Take pictures (duh…as if you need encouragement) 😻
    Keep us posted & hugs all around.

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