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Travelling safely…

Sorry for the long break from blogging. I felt I jinxed our progress last Saturday as five minutes after I published the post we experienced a flat tire that essentially set us back for an entire day.

While stuck and waiting for CAA roadside assistance (which never arrived) I walked the pups and took some pictures. It turned out that we were only about 3 km from Vermillion Bay.

The tire got fixed thanks to a very friendly and helpful mechanic on duty at the Canadian Tire Store in Dryden. We ended up backtracking due to a horrendous noise that came from the stabilizer bar assembly in the hitch as we pulled out of the parking lot. It turned out that the RV place in Moose Jaw that installed the new hitch assembly neglected to grease it upon installation… our friendly mechanic at Canadian Tire figured it out quickly and solved the issue.

Knocking on wood, the trip has continued without any further issues.

We spent the night on Sunday at one of our favourite spots along Lake Superior, Pebble Beach in Marathon. The local campground was closed for the season and we joined a few other campers overlooking the beach from the parking lot.

Our only other spot we stopped at the next day was Katherine Cove. Compared to two years ago, the parking lots were quite full at the scenic pull outs and public beaches and there were people everywhere. Our motto remains: we are socially distancing whenever possible! The camper has certainly helped us do that.

We zipped through Northern and Eastern Ontario without delay and only stopped for gas. I waved to my friends as we passed various cities and towns missing those quick coffee meet ups we used to enjoy during pre- Covid times.

Here are a few more impressions taken from the car window.

We have managed to find campgrounds willing to accommodate us at the end of the season. This was the view from our spot in Mattawa.

And last night we spent in Lac Louise between Montreal and Quebec City, one of the Covid hot zones.

We were the only overnight campers and had no trouble distancing and staying safe.

We spent a bit more time this morning which allowed me to go for a much needed walk with and without the pups.

A wrong turn on the highway sent us over the access bridge into Quebec City but we quickly got ourselves turned around and pointed into the right direction. Bonus: It did allow for some great pictures of the bridges!

We are currently travelling toward the New Brunswick border where we will spend the night. We hope our paperwork is in order so we can cross into the Atlantic Bubble without delay tomorrow morning. It will be a long day of travel to reach our destination.

Thanks for following along this far. I will check in from our end destination and catch you up on future plans! There will be plenty of time as we have two full weeks of isolation ahead of us. Take care! Stay safe, everybody!

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18 thoughts on “Travelling safely…

  1. loosethreadssasktelnet on said:

    So happy to hear that you are still carrying on with no more probs. Keep us all informed and stay safe. Covid free etc.

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  2. Linda J Burton on said:

    We are enjoying following along with you by word and photo. Looking forward to all your posts. Linda and Bob

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  3. Janet Wilhelm on said:

    I really enjoyed all of your images taken as you travelled east. You have a keen eye. I hope the rest of the trip and the quarantine time is uneventful. This is quite an adventure you both have undertaken. Be well


  4. Johanna Alford on said:

    Wonderful pictures. This really is the most beautiful time of the year. The scenery is beautiful and am so glad your were able to enjoy it even with a few hic ups. Yes you will have time to reflect and answer all your mail once you arrive into quarantine. Although I am not in quarantine, activity has been curtailed. No guild meetings but only virtual. We still have to be careful so more time for sewing and creating. Safe journey and hopefully you will find your permanent home soon.

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  5. I enjoyed the pictures and the blog…..stay safe and you two are brave!

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  6. Anna what a wonderful treat the gorgeous sights and sounds of mighty Lake Superior are, not to mention all the other subjects of your eye and camera lens, including close-up leaves and mighty bridges. The picturesque update is much appreciated. It is so good to know you are all OK and making such steady and scenic progress – amazing really!

    Liked by 1 person

    • We are truly amazed how easy it has been to stay safe. The GoApp from Shell has certainly minimized contact further when getting gasoline. We saw more B.C., AB and SK license plates than during any travel this way well into Eastern Ontario. And everyone we have encountered from a distance has been wearing protective masks without exception. Plexiglass enclosures in businesses add another layer of protection. We do not visit restaurants, coffee shops or gyms. Museums and galleries were not on the agenda for this trip. Aside from the flat tire on Saturday we have been blessed with great weather and amazing vistas. We could not be more pleased that we are very close to our final destination.


  7. carolewles on said:

    Thanks for the great photos Anna. You are taking me on a great trip down memory lane. Good Luck. Hope everything goes well with the paperwork. Will be waiting to hear more when you are settled


  8. Thanks for the great photos Anna. You are taking me on a trip down memory lane. Good Luck with entering the Maritimes. Will be waiting to hear more when you are settled.

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  9. Fingers crossed that you enter our bubble without any hitches. Frosty mornings and sunlit afternoons await you.

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  10. elinorburwashdesigns on said:

    Hello Anna and Colin Thanks for sharing the wonderful photo essay on your trip. Following friends virtually and looking at their progress on a map enriches my self-isolation.

    Liked by 1 person

    • You are welcome! It had been a pretty good trip this far. We had a few rain showers during the nights, strong winds into the Sault Ste. Marie Region and at Pebble Beach during the night, but nothing like the day we started out in Saskatchewan a week ago today. This has to be one of the best falls to undertake this adventure despite pandemic measures.


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