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Quarantine Check in from Parrsboro

Check in point Nova Scotia

Eight days ago around 4 pm local time we entered the Atlantic Bubble near Edmundston, NB. It’s hard to believe that it took us another day to get to the Nova Scotia check point. We observed complete social and physical distancing which was only possible thanks to our trusty camper. We were instructed to pass through New Brunswick without making contact with anyone, if we stopped we could only do so in the parking lot of a truck stop, tucked away in the back corner… Absolutely no overnight stop in a campground or Walmart parking lot.

We found that truck stop near Centreville just off the Trans Canada Hwy. It was a less than restful night: excitement that we were close to our destination and idling refrigerator trucks kept us awake most of the night. We got a late start the next day and made it to our destination by about 5 pm.

This is the view from our back step. We have settled in nicely and are making the best of the downtime in isolation. Our sore muscles from heavy lifting and packing followed by seven days of driving are beginning to feel better. Life has slowed down so much that it is sometimes hard to keep track of the days. Daily mandatory check ins with the government of Nova Scotia to confirm that we are still isolating help us count down the days! We have reached the half-way mark and are grateful that the day of isolated travel through NB counts toward the two weeks.

Here are just a few images from my “excursions” outside. Our world is pretty small at the moment… we can walk the large yard (but the black, fierce sounding dog next door keeps me well within the front area near the house). We are also allowed on the balcony… which we do not have.

The fall weather is glorious with just enough grey days to add variety. On one rainy day we tried the raincoats on the pups…

…neither Ash nor Teak (the green turtle🤣😜) were too impressed!

And just to share my “walk” I decided to take a video to demonstrate how short it is.

I am not complaining! We are happy to be here. The downtime has helped us to regroup, browse the internet for real estate options and catch up on much needed rest. The bright sunshine and warm weather today does beckon and I can hardly wait to venture out for an extended walk. We are making plans for our first official outing. A beach excursion is high on the list! and then there is the town… so close and yet so far! The last time we visited Parrsboro was in pouring rain at the end of September 2018.

The weekend is near! Wishing all of you a safe weekend! Till my next check in.

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11 thoughts on “Quarantine Check in from Parrsboro

  1. Shirley Ryning on said:

    I like that little blue house across the street. You should have fun house shopping.

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  2. So good to hear from you Anna. I thought you would be in quarantine now; a chance to rest up before settling in. You’ll soon both have lots of decisions to make. What an amazing trip at this time in our lives. The photos have wonderful Eastern Canada fall colours and a reminder to enjoy those flowers as they will soon be gone. Keep well and keep in touch!

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  3. Helene on said:

    Looks like you’re in a lovely spot. Are you across from the the town and near the Museum? You couldn’t have picked a better time to arrive. We’ve been having one of the nicest autumns in years. Autumn is always nice, but it’s particulalry so this year. Enjoy your down time.

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    • Yes, we are near the Museum. Love this spot!! And we are so grateful for the lovely autumn we are enjoying! Day nine of quarantine… 5 days to go! Now, which beach will we explore first!😜


  4. How good to hear that you have ‘landed’ in Nova Scotia at last Anna and Colin. Your surroundings look like a very pleasant place. Now if you can just get the dog next door to keep from barking you may finally have some tranquility with which to truly relax as you self-isolate. We are thinking of you and look forward to hearing and seeing more of your new surroundings. Keep well!

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    • The dog next door is very much under control and the neighbours are very respectful! It’s just the loud bark that startled me and the pups and brings bad traumatic memories after the two dog attacks back at the lake over the last year.
      This town has a well defined dog bylaw and we are grateful for it.


  5. on said:

    It looks so nice there, I am envious.  I thought you and Colin looked much more rested the other night, that was good to see. I guess it is probably a blessing in disguise that you have to quarantine for 2 weeks. It gives the body and mind sometime to reset. A farm wife told me one time that God made rainy days during harvest so that during that busy time they could have a bit of a rest. I suppose quarantine is a bit the same. Your pictures are really nice. It is amazing what you can take from your confined area. I bet you can’t wait for your first trip out of the house and yard. I think the beach would be my first choice. So is it next Sat. for day 1 of freedom.  I am working on that beginner camera class, I think I told you. One thing I have taken away from the first lesson is that I don’t want a camera that I would need to change lenses. The assignment for yesterdays class is to take a pic using the rule of thirds. Doesn’t sound like a problem but guess what. I can’t seem to take one that I don’t get in too close or try to rethink or whatever. I have always had a problem trying to get my subject in the rule of thirds position. I really try had not to get it in the center and after I take the pic that is exactly where the subject is. I have been trying to cure that problem for a few years. Enough said. Shannon is working at the advanced polls all week. We are picking Callum up after school and keeping dogs all week. Wade and Callum are working on a big ship model. Thankfully we seem to be able to find things he likes to do.  I must go now.  You and Colin have a great day.  Bonnie  

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  6. Judy Morningstar on said:

    Looks very peaceful, and the pressure is off! Looks like a lovely spot to be.

    On Thu, Oct 22, 2020 at 9:02 AM Anna Hergert, Art & Design wrote:

    > annahergert posted: ” Check in point Nova Scotia Eight days ago around 4 > pm local time we entered the Atlantic Bubble near Edmundston, NB. It’s hard > to believe that it took us another day to get to the Nova Scotia check > point. We observed complete social and physical dista” >

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