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Time flies when you are busy exploring!

My conscience has been nagging me… it’s been a while since I posted here. It’s hard to keep a regular routine right now. Once released from quarantine on October 29th we took full advantage of the weather and destinations that are only a short drive from Parrsboro.

A five minute walk from our AirBnB is the harbour. I have walked there at least once a day to enjoy the view of the lighthouse and explore First Beach. What a treat to witness high and low tide in person.

The tide is coming in… I have seen it reach past the rocks at the end of the short video.
This is the same beach at low tide.
Sunsets at the harbour are always a treat!

Thanks to all my friends out west who sent weather warnings about the snow forecast for Nova Scotia last week. We were spared! While the wind was icy on my cheeks as I walked we did not get any snow. It was such a nice surprise. Apparently we are protected by the mountains (as they are referred to locally and our realtor informed us). We call them hills, but they did their job beautifully holding back the white stuff.

Not being affected by adverse weather has seen us out and about visiting the sites. Here is a video from our excursion to Five Islands Lighthouse Park only about 20 minutes from Parrsboro.

Yesterday we headed in the opposite direction to Advocate Harbour. We arrived at low tide and followed signs to Cape d’Or. What an amazing place to explore!

Despite the wind we just had to head down to the lighthouse. It was well worth it just to witness the Dory Rips, nature at its most powerful!

On the way home we stopped at Spencer’s Island Beach. We visited there during our first day of freedom a week earlier. I just love how the beaches change from day to day, hour to hour….

Outside of exploring the sites we have been busy viewing properties, weighing their pros and cons and experiencing high and low emotions. No matter how often you buy a home, emotions play into it. After a discouraging first day of looking on October 30th we reevaluated our objectives… considered various options and went out with our realtor on November 2nd to step into a home about to hit the market in November 3rd. It was the perfect place!!! It IS the perfect place for us! We presented an offer on November 3rd and it was accepted. The house inspection takes place next Wednesday. Possession date is not till January. While we are a bit disappointed that we won’t be in our new home till 2021 we know it is the place for us. Fully renovated over the past 3-4 years, no work needed! We know we can move in and live and create! We are so excited!

Monday we have a car inspection, the first step in obtaining a Nova Scotia license plate and insurance. Healthcare forms have arrived, were filled out and have been mailed back. We are looking for a vet for the pups. Colin already tested the healthcare system and we are so impressed how quickly he was attended to!

After being in contact with the local arts community via Art Lab for several years already I joined as an associate member a couple of days ago. Some great prospects are in the works there!

Looks like we have moved to the right place. I will keep you posted on developments more often. Winter won’t elude us forever. With the colder weather I will spend more time indoors and blogging will become a more regular affair again.

Wishing you all a wonderful Sunday! With gratitude for the countless positive developments in our own lives and for the changes coming to our neighbours and friends south of the border.

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17 thoughts on “Time flies when you are busy exploring!

  1. We too share your excitement and echo the happy messages you have already received about your new home. How splendid Anna, at finding the perfect home in pretty short time really, and having your offer accepted. We can hardly wait to see photos.t. The photos you have sent along here are beautiful, conveying both exuberance and comfort you feel in your new surroundings. Thank you for posting. Yes, it has been a wee while but we anticipated that you would be completely preoccupied with, and exhausted by house hunting, which doesn’t leave much energy for other things. We have had our big snow dump today on top of freezing rain and ice pellets, so you can guess who has just spent two hours snow clearing. Along with Covid-19 restrictions it is too risky to venture out because of ice and snow…..and today is municipal election day! Keep the photos coming. I couldn’t get the video to download but the photos did. Best regards, J.


    • So glad you enjoyed the post, Judith. I hope that by now the snow in Saskatchewan has stopped and life can return to a more enjoyable pace. It was 21 C here today. We feel very spoiled but also know that it won’t be like this much longer….


  2. Jacqueline Irene Van Fossen on said:

    Anna I didn’t know that you were moving off to the far east. Though I haven’t seen you for an age I feel like that move almost removes you from my pod of creative people. I will still remain subscribed to your newsletter. Let me know what is up with you and Colin. I have been doing some ecoprinting and natural dyes from my garden. Signed up for an India Flint thing as well and have to get at that project. I am too busy with the bookkeeping bus to do as much creative work as I would like. Keep those cards and letters and newsletters coming. Jackie Van Fossen . e.


    • Oh goodness, I didn’t realize that a move to Atlantic Canada would remove me from your creative bubble… these days it’s easier to stay connected via social media and with Zoom workshops and consultations… I see it as a way of the future. The virus is hanging on! Heard from my aunt in Bavaria yesterday. My hometown was untouched till last weekend. The cases are mounting and people are getting sich being hospitalized and on ventilators – it’s frightening!
      So, feel free to stay connected. It’s always good to have friends and like-minded people across the country. It has been my personal philosophy that physical distance is never an obstacle for continued friendships. Stay well and stay safe!


  3. Congratulations on your new home! Thank you for sharing your adventures!

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  4. New homes are always so exciting. Settling in and discovering it is perfect for you. Great place for camera too. Keep the pics coming as they make me feel like I am there too. Think of us as we had our first blizzard this weekend. Nor one like this for a few years and maybe no more this winter. Smile keep walking and send pics. Oxox. Leona

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    • Thanks for the note. I was with all of you in thought yesterday during this blizzard of the century as Ash’s breeder labelled it. I was texting back and forth with quite a few people in the west yesterday. We are glad we missed that weather event.
      Photo opportunities here are endless. We did miss the most glorious colours during quarantine but it didn’t bother us too much as we know: there is always next year!
      Stay warm, keep safe! Stay in touch.


  5. Helene on said:

    That’s terrific! Congratulations!

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  6. 46eileen on said:

    Anna I am so happy for you & Colin that you have found a home that so pleases you & your life style. It sounds like you are well on your way to establishing deep roots in the new part of Canada. Hugs my friend..😻

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  7. Brenda Turner on said:

    I hope to join you with a move to NS next year. I’m planning to move near a sister who lives on St Margaret’s Bay. Of course it depends on real estate sales here, and there, but the Atlantic Ocean is calling. Hope you have found your forever home by the Bay of Fundy. Brenda

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  8. Judy Morningstar on said:

    How exciting that you have found your home! Here’s to great times creating new memories in your beautiful new place.

    On Sun, Nov 8, 2020 at 9:12 AM Anna Hergert, Art & Design wrote:

    > annahergert posted: ” My conscience has been nagging me… it’s been a > while since I posted here. It’s hard to keep a regular routine right now. > Once released from quarantine on October 29th we took full advantage of the > weather and destinations that are only a short driv” >


  9. Roseanne Tarnowski on said:

    Dear Anna: Your journey for the past many years has been the highlight of my day each time I open your email! I first connected with you in Canmore, then at various Quilt Canada events and even stopping by with a carload of like-minded quilters at your lake house arranged by Frances R. And now this big venture to the East Coast – “sew” exciting! Please keep sharing your experiences, enthusiasm and vision. It has been so inspiring for me. Thank You!
    Roseanne Tarnowski


  10. Johanna Alford on said:

    So happy you found your new home. So many different sites to see and things to photograph. Maybe Colin can build a garage for himself. Enjoy, and looking forward to more new things.

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  11. I can hear the excitement in your words. How wonderful to have found a home that ticks your boxes and a creative community.

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