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Local Vistas…

I have not forgotten to post! But I have been taking advantage of our great weather here in Parrsboro.

It sunny and 12C today which begged for an extensive walk to explore several beaches.

My imagination is on overdrive with new ideas and new concepts to explore once we take possession of our house and I have had time to set up the studio.

These days I am filling the well to connect with the landscape, it’s textures and patterns…

…no matter what the weather!

Enjoy your weekend!

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15 thoughts on “Local Vistas…

  1. Wonderful photos, thanks for posting them for us to see.

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  2. A wonderful collection of images – so much texture in them!! Meanwhile, we are reveling in the beauty of the thick hoar frost. Post-blizzard of course! Quite a bold introduction to winter! It sounds like you’ve found a home, and that is so exciting…

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    • A friend sent me an image of the hoarfrost on Spadina – beautiful but oh so chilly looking! Such an early winter on the prairies makes us feel very fortunate. But we are realists and know that winter will arrive here soon as well. Yes, we found a new home. Possession date is early in the new year. Let’s hope we don’t have a winter storm as we unload the container! Stay safe! Always nice to hear from you, Kit.


  3. Jackie Van Fossen on said:

    Nice photos Ann’s but you will.miss our prairies and this big sky


    • Who says? We have big sky here when you look out over the ocean. I am not missing the early winters and -40c temperatures of the past 13 years. This move and destination was well planned.
      Glad you like the pictures. Thanks!


  4. Cathy Willoughby on said:

    Wonderful pictures that bring back great memories of NS in 2012.

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    • I can’t wait to explore the other seasons. I was teaching in Halifax in 2012 and just flew in and out. I did however explore that area in 2008. Taking things one day at a time till we move into our new home in early January.😁


  5. These are exciting times for you and Colin. I hope we can get to NS again sometime soon, & we could make a day trip to see you two. 🙂

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  6. Marie Rhodes on said:

    Fantastic pictures, great that you two can see so much of eastern Canada.


    • Marie, so nice to hear from you! Glad to share our “close to home” surroundings. During these times of social distancing and isolation I hope to bring some colour to my blog followers lives.


  7. Johanna Alford on said:

    Very different discoveries from Saskatchewan. Beautiful and interesting.

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